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Weed collage !!

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I've got no idea what it's called - besides a pest!
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Then you're lucky Shirley :)))) Thanks!!


We seem to have quite a few pest that are pretty to look at, I've never seen this one though, Thanks, Rob.


Thanks Nev - I hope it stays away :)))


LOL!! Thanks Gracie!!


Yes! even weeds make nice pictures Rob!


LOL!! Sort of Floyd :)))) Thanks!


Even weeds make a nice picture or two.


I think they mainly blow in the wind Dave - unfortunately!! Thanks!


It looks like the seeds probably spread easily, as well, probably kinda sticking to animals.


Lucky you Florrie :))) Thanks!!

Ah! Beauty must be in the eye of the beholder Suzy :)))) Thanks!

Our weeds are about the only things that have been growing lately Sharon - we desperately need good soaking rain & only get quick showers :((( 80% of Queensland is now drought-declared, with only the far north getting any summer rains! I think it's going to be a long dry winter! Thanks!!

:)) Thanks snooker :))

Before and after shots in the life of a weed. :)


Don't you just Love the way they grow at triple the rate of any nice lawn or plants that you want to grow. Grrrr At least they make a great puzzle Rob :~)


They are very pretty pests, Rob!


LOL!!! You're welcome to this one Patti :)))


Isn't a weed just a plant that we haven't found a use for yet? Thanks Robyn!


Lots & lots Beekay :((( And it has tough roots this dry weather too! Thanks!

It's a bit different from a dandy lion Barb - it has a very stubborn root system & different leaves - so I'm none the wiser about what it is! Thanks :)))


Evil looking pest :( Dandelion comes to mind...


It looks like your pest likes to give off a lot of seeds.


I tried looking it up Jan - but had no luck!! They've already spread - unfortunately :((((( All our showery weather is good for is the weeds!!! Thanks!

Thanks Janet :)))


Good pics, Rob, yes we have those too and they are a pest. Hugs, janet


A bit like a cross between a flannel flower and a dandelion! Watch out for those 'fairy' seeds, Rob, they'll be spreading around the garden!


"Poof" is exactly what it did Laura:))) Thanks!!


I like how you have the two photos side by side, Robyn. Shows what happens to it when it's been around too long. *poof*

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