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Technology Fail

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Ain't that the truth. Candy gets smaller and the price gets bigger. Especially at the holidays. Thanks for sharing. Midge


Thanks, Sue - the fridge is the only way to go. But the regulars are shrinking so fast, they'll be "minis" in no time. ツ


I do too, Irena!


I always keep mine in the fridge - and the minis are just perfect.


I like everything sweet and chocolate ☺


I'm convinced, brightspark! I no longer get the same "thrill" licking the chocolate off the paper, lol. It works better if I keep them in the fridge.


do try the minis - also a lot in the bag xx hee hee and a lot more value in all ways ♥♥♥


Me too, Beekay - such a great combination!


Thanks, spakliies, they are popular! I haven't bought the mini ones, so perhaps they are thicker - they'd be really messy if they stuck to the foil! :)


Sadly the older I get the thinner the chocolate coating gets. Still love them though....


Hi all -we do not get these yummy chocs in south africa and they are my ABSOLUTE favourite chocs, daughter was in america a few months ago and i got a large packet of minis xx this did not happen to mine xx and i just ate the last one last night and now i have to wait for someone to go to america again xxxxxxxxxxxxx wish i could ☺☺☺☺ i have seen them here perhaps at the airport and they have been Outrageously expensive ☻☻ perhaps the minis are thicker - not sure


I don't know, scanjockey, but I know if you shell out the $ for their Easter, Valentines, Christmas, etc., single things, they aren't stuck and the chocolate on the bottom is thicker! :) I stock up the a.m. after a holiday.


I can only speak from my own experience but they've been like that since the 60s. And yet they're still among the most popular candies. Why should they change?




Может быть, Лена, но лизать обертки отлично подходит для детей ... взрослых не так много. :))


Most likely badly oiled the shape ...


Sherry, I don't remember this happening as much in the "old" days, I think maybe the bottom chocolate is getting thinner (along with the candy shrinking, of course)?


Lena - У тебя было 85 лет, чтобы работать над этим, Риз. Объясните это.

and they may put some kind of food glue on the bottom to make sure the candy doesn't fall out of the paper as it moves quickly down the line, but I agree, it's annoying...Sherry :)))


6toedcats, переведите на русский, что там написано:)


? work out what?

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