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Fibonacci Sequence in Nature 1 of 4

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Also known as

the golden ratio
the divine proportion
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  4. janetejames1:30
  5. ShifterBrains1:38
  6. redina11:42
  7. arPie1:54
  8. jbu2:03
  9. pdb802:17
  10. Sanmar2:17


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Belatedly, I apologise also.


Mazy; Please, forgive me. I in no way meant to ignore you - I got into a conversation with Beb after talking about a trip to a fort in New York State when I was 8 years old and she had asked me a question about it. Then one comment lead to another. I apologize for any hurt feelings or your feeling ignored. I didn't do it intentionally and I don't go around trying to do this kind of thing. I a truly sorry and will try to be more aware of this in the future. Jeri



I expect it was the politicised version of the one I posted. I intentionally didn't comment on your version, which was very partisan. Mine was not political, and I expect a part of the reason mine was removed was because you linked your opinion piece on it.

As to my being sensitive, if you didn't notice, I already said that twice.

I didn't ask for your opinion about it.

It's probably better to be 'too sensitive' than to be otherwise. I am not tossing off personal statements at others' expense. Sometimes it's better to keep your opinion to yourself.

It felt weird that I was commenting with you two on my puzzle here, yet you both completely ignored me and went on chatting together as though I weren't here.

That doesn't really mean I am 'too sensitive', it actually means I am aware of rudeness but am perhaps too polite to call it out for what it is.


You're not the only one who's puzzles disappear.
One of mine, which had received positive initial responses, was also taken down by jigidi a few days ago, with no reason given.
I have emailed them politely requesting an explanation (so I don't offend again) but have so far received no explanation from jigidi.

And yes, I think you are too sensitive.



Jeri did I do something to offend you? or Beb?

Usually I am not so sensitive but with my puzzles disappearing, and you guys talking amongst yourselves here, I'm a little sensitive.

blueeyedblonde; The outside world got my laptop again!!! Our internet went down after being back for only about a day or two. But thankfully as often as the outside world tries to nab those of us on Jigidi it never can keeps us away for long, thankfully!!! However, those times away are extremely difficult when one is used to being on this site everyday and for many hours (usually) that not being able to join the rest of our fellow puzzlers can cause a cause of puzzle withdrawal. My puzzle self was very happy when I found out we were back online!!! Have to go and start getting caught up on the puzzles I've missed. Have a wonderful night and will talk with you again later. Jeri


...7am here on Sat.



It's 11:42pm Saturday night in Brisbane, as I type this.
The time stamp on your post says 16 hours ago, so it must have arrived here about half an hour either side of 7:42am this morning.
So Mazy's time is probably more accurate. :D

Your delay in answering is understood.
Enjoyable though jigidi is, there is a real world beyond its boundaries!




...and 2:15pm here :)


it was 7:15am in Brisbane on Saturday morning when you posted, jbu.

@blueeyedblonde; I think so but not really into where musicians, actors. and actresses live. However, I do know that Stephen King lives up here also but again not sure exactly where. I am not originally from Maine but grew up in Massachusetts and came to Maine via Rhode Island where I lived for 20 years. I went to R.I. to go back to school when I was in my late 20's. Then moved from there to Maine on January 2, 2000. Best move ever made!!! I moved up here from a residential care facility to another up here so I could be nearer to my 2 sisters. Then my Mom joined us up here in April, 2013 to a residential facility after my Dad passed away in 2012. Just short history of where I've lived.
Please forgive me for not answering answering sooner but our WiFi went down 2-3 days ago and we just got it back about mid-morning today. How many hours difference between you and I if it's 5:15 pm here? Hope you have a great day/night!!! Jeri



Brisbane, Australia.

You would be a neighbour of Noel Paul Stookey, then?



That's ok because Sophia's name was in the news, etc., more than a poor revolutionary war era soldier's name would be. It's all in fun but did you know someone who would be at the fort back then - I do remember however that he was a really nice looking young man and not just because he was in a soldier's suit!!! It's always nice when we can joke around and have some fun and even when we don't know where the other person (people) are in this world of ours. I live in Maine in the U.S.A. Where are you from? Have a super night/day!!! Jeri




I'm not sure that is a valid excuse.
I was about that age when I developed my crush on Sophia Loren.
She is now about 85, but I can still remember her name! ;D Beb.

(I'm teasing, of course.)

@blueeyedblonde; I don't think I ever knew his name. But like I said I was only 8 and that was 62 yrs ago so I wouldn't even remember if I had known it. Sorry. It was in upper New York State. Jeri


What was the soldier's name? ;D Beb.


love your feedback, beb and Jeri! thank you.


What is even more interesting, and even less known, about the golden ratio is that if you start with ANY two numbers (no matter what their proportions, or how far apart), add them together, then add the larger of the two to their sum, and just keep on doing this, with each iteration the ratio between the two numbers gets closer to the golden ratio. Initially, one ratio will be larger and the next smaller, but with each pair of iterations, the larger ratio will reduce and the smaller ratio will increase, as they approach each other. Eventually, if you continue the process to infinity, the two ratios will meet at the golden ratio! Try it for yourselves! Beb.

Mazy; When I was a youngster my Mom and Dad always told me and my siblings that it was ok if we didn't know something to ask why. They said that is the way one will continue to learn as they go along in life. And if anyone us said to either of them "Can I ask a stupid question?" Their response was always, "There is no stupid questions if you don't know the answer." When we went on day trips or on vacations we always went to places where we could learn more as well as going to "fun" places. Like when I was 8 we went to Canada but we also visited old forts on our way to and from there. We went to Forts Ticonderoga and William Henry (I think that this 2nd name is right but that was 62 years ago and I have a hard time remembering yesterday or even this morning) and I had this mad crush on one of the soldiers at the 2nd fort. So learning and asking questions pretty much come as second nature to me. I don't care if other folks think badly of me. Even though I am now 70 I am going to continue to learn until I take my last breath. Have a super night/day!!! Jeri


also, @jbu - thank you for asking. I have a curious mind, I want to know everything (not everything about everyone!) everything about everything... I really admire and appreciate anyone who will say 'what's that word / idea / etc you said, mean?' so, Jeri, thanks for your comment and your solve. I see you sometimes do my puzzles, please never hesitate to ask what I mean by what I post, I love comments.


@jbu I posted these because of having posted this a couple days ago...

This is how the sequence begins...

1 plus 1 is 2
2 plus 1 is 3
3 plus 2 is 5
5 plus 3 is 8
8 plus 5 is 13

sometimes written 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89....

it IS neat, isn't it, @bkberry7 !

Robin, I'm not a huge math-y person, but some math is almost magical... I think you will agree to the divinity here!


I tend to ignore number stuff, except my jigidi times! :)

bkberry; Thanks for the info and will look it up. It does sound like a lot of fun. Have a great night/day!!! Jeri


the sum of the previous 2 numbers in any sequence--look it up--it's really neat!!

what is Fibonacci Sequence?


@Costajig I made today's 4 puzzles just for you :)

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