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The once sad little dresser

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This was once a 4 drawer dresser, cut down to a 2 drawer size. It was one of those cheap dressers made of pressed something-or-other. It was damaged by a plumber who flooded my kitchen. I've been working on it for roughly 6 months, slow pace is my speed. It's sitting on top of the table because stooping to snap a picture just doesn't work for me. (: Next step is putting those little button looking sliders on the bottom and it's easier to check the level at that height. It's actually only off by a small smidgeon at one corner.
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Thank God for small favors and good neighbors!!!


Thanks @bevpuzzler8 same to you and everyone else. I did actually have a Thanksgiving meal this year, a nice young couple brought it by Thursday. (:


Thanks for the nice comments. I found the board that went across the bottom front while searching the garage for something. I might add it back, which will make it a bit higher, a bit of trim I found to go along the bottom sides and back, then some short legs to level it out. No idea how long til I decide it's actually finished. (:


Golly, I wished you lived closer I've got a dresser that needs cuttin down. My parents bought me a dresser set with bed for my 1953 High School Graduation gift. Real wood then. It still looks good.

That sounds like a great idea. Duine and I bet it would look super... I like your color choices and your handles are perfect... I don't like to throw 'pretty things away' either. Lol

Well done - how clever are you? Cheers Yolanda


The handles were removed from an old wicker basket, I thought they would come in handy some day, they match perfectly. I also have a 6 drawer match, 3 per side and an end table, thinking of doing the same with them. Thanks for the comments. (:

You saved it and gave it a new purpose.. Good for you!

It is a lovely dresser. You have made a great piece of furniture.


It looks great! I love those ceramic handles. I also love the picture on the wall :-)))

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