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When I stumbled upon this home, the old saying, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones," came to my mind. The home is located along Eldorado Springs Drive, a few miles south of Boulder, Colorado. This home is located in Eldorado Springs, an unincorporated community of about 500 people. Over a century ago it was a popular resort area. A mineral hot springs filled a swimming pool that was the largest in the United States back in 1910. Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower even celebrated their honeymoon in one of the resort's cabins. Today the town is a mixture of old and newer homes in all kind of sizes and conditions. This is one of the larger newer homes. This home is even larger than it looks and also has what looks like a large guest home, not quite showing in my photo.
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gmd, it is Christmas tree shaped, isn't it? Terry


This is a beautiful home! And I love the "Christmas tree". I would decorate it every year!




dusty, I am at that age if I was running around that house undressed, I would be deemed a local eyesore or a public nuisance. Terry


I'm of that age, where if someone should be looking in the window, they will either be struck blind by my "beauty", or more likely, will die laughing! Either way, they won't do that again!


budlia...and don't forget, you would have to remember to be fully clothed before running around in your own home. Terry


jignjw: Nancy, we have both lived in Colorado at some point in our lives. We do know the clear and present danger of wildfires there, especially so in recent years. Terry

It looks nice and light with all those windows, but oh the cleaning! Thank you for the puzzle.

Terry, thanks for this photo of a very beautiful mountain house. However, all I can think of when I see the trees & bushes close to the house (even though it's a brick house with what appears to be a metal roof) and the pines along the wildfire. Nope, Colorado foothills homes are not for me now. I liked the puzzle though. Nancy

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