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Impalas in the sunset in Africa

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This image did not have any information attached to it other than it is impalas grazing on the savannah in the sunset somewhere in Africa. It drew us in – the quiet scene is overwhelmingly beautiful, and we can smell the land.

The impala is a medium-sized antelope that lives in eastern and southern Africa (so we can assume this image is from these areas).

They are mainly active during the day and live in woodlands and savannahs. They prefer places near water sources and away from tall grasses as predators could be concealed there.

Do you see the impalas grazing in Today’s Puzzle? One of them seems to have spotted us, while the other couldn’t care less and is peacefully grazing ♥
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Thank you :)

Nice sunset, good camaflage.

Does anyone know if Impalas group in big herds or smaller families ?


False advertis.... oh, there they are xD
You can see the head of a second Impala just to the left of the clearly visible one :)


I can only see one☺


I saw one for sure, looking at us…and maybe a little one in front of the Impala…if there is more, they are very well hidden 😊
Thanks for this one jigidi!

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