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Collage #9 of my Cosmos or Cosmea (challenge)

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From almost all white to fine and a little bit more pink accents! Love them all and they were enjoying the sunbeams of today! ☺
Hope you'll enjoy them too!
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  1. liertje19782:55
  2. botmom143:43
  3. babray3:44
  4. calluna4:23
  6. EllaMB5:16
  7. Pekaji5:32
  8. Impie5:33
  9. nanlein5:35
  10. Dobbins555:42


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Thank you, GG. We'll make them all a winner, as it's really hard to make a choice! ☺☺


I love them all as well, Impie! It's hard to pick out a favorite one out of these! Well done! ☺☺




Happy New Year, Nillie! ❤️


I like your choice, Nancy, thanks, it's a beauty for sure! :-))


Happy New Year Nillie! ♥


Thanks Impie!! Happy New Year=שנה טובה=to you, to Goffie's fans, and to all Jidigi friends♥


Such a pretty collage! Bottom right corner is my favorite. :-))


It amazes me as well, Ella, I really love it!
I'm so happy for you that you have seen a blue sky again....fingers crossed it will only get better!♥

Yes, Pammi, thanks. I chose those I photographed yesterday and merged them so that you can see the pink getting more prominent! Good choice!♥♥☺☺♥♥

Thanks, Patsy. On a 27" screen they must be huge and hard to miss the fine lines! ☺
I'm glad you enjoyed this collage too, thanks :)

Thank you, Anne....They can be so different even growing on one stem, it amazes me every time again too! :)

Thanks, Nan, I understand. I myself kind of lost the way here and there solving my puzzle...☺

Indeed, Faye, the wind shook them a bit too, but they're really enjoy sitting in my front garden with the sun on their heads all day! :)))

I'm glad you at least had a blue sky on Wednesday. Our weather is still good and sunny, but the gusts of wind whilst in the shade were chilly, today.
Do they only use/burn wood to get warm in winter?

Good choice, nillie, thanks :-)) ...(although I like them all)☺
Good night and have a nice weekend.....and once more "Rosh Hashanah"...Happy New Year♥♥♥


My favorite is the bottom on the left :-))
Thanks Impie, Good night and have a nice weekend♥♥


I like the way the top right is seeking the sun! :)))

Blue sky and clouds here Wednesday but the smoke rolled back in yesterday. Two cords of wood delivered today so we will be stacking in short shifts for the next few days. They will have four more cords delivered in the next few weeks so that they will be ready for winter.


the subtle differences are why these collages are so much fun to solve. Although I must confess sometimes the bits of frame are easier to match up than the flowers!


Just beautiful. Such variety in color and petals.

Fun! And a different experience when I view the completed puzzle at full size on my 27" screen. That's when I see why Pammi might choose the bottom left blossom. Thank you for another collage, Impie. -Patsy


Lovely, Impie and each one that fraction of a bit different from all the others. I think my favourite might be the one at the bottom left but it could just as easily be any one of them. ♥♥☺☺♥♥


It's amazing how every single one is so different from the others. We had lots of sunbeams today and even saw blue sky for the first time in weeks.

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