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Just The Cutest Kittens.......They Aren't Kittens?

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I once was
Highly prized,
Almost extinct
I tell no lies.
Reindeer, Rabbit,
Bird, fish, goat, sheep,
That I like to
Creep up on
Leap upon
Eat and then sleep.
I resemble a large cat,
Bar my bow tie, short tail
And tufts of hair
Upon my ears.

A litter of kittens
Once a year
Two, three or four.
I teach them to
Walk, talk, hunt
And much more.
Come next spring
They’ll be gone,
Fiend for themselves
All alone.

As for me
Life goes on
Hunting, mating
Running freely
On and on.

By (kcr)

The caracal /ˈkærəkæl/ (Caracal caracal), also known as the desert lynx, is a wild cat widely distributed across Africa, Central Asia, and Southwest Asia into India. In 2002, the IUCN listed the caracal as Least Concern, as it is widespread and relatively common. The felid is considered threatened in North Africa, and rare in the central Asian republics and India.
German naturalist Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber first described Felis caracal in 1776 from a specimen collected from Table Mountain, South Africa, which is considered the type locality of the species. The generic name Caracal was first used by the British naturalist John Edward Gray in 1843 on the basis of a type specimen collected near the Cape of Good Hope.

The caracal has been classified variously with Lynx and Felis in the past, but molecular evidence supports a monophyletic genus closely allied with the African golden cat and serval.

Thanks for the headsup on what these are, Sunny;
when I googled this photo that is what came up.
It has now be changed. jlou
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  2. cobra5:19
  3. nessham5:21
  4. tollerbelle5:24
  5. maryoz20145:38
  6. diversid5:41
  7. wayteri15:47
  8. olando5:53
  9. hadzi5:57
  10. coldheart6:06


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Beautiful image of these beautiful Lynx....


You are quite welcome, Sunny.


Thank you jlou :)

So very precious and full of color. Wouldn't mind have one!


Too cute ...actually, three cute!


oh, they are gorgeous. i thought some kind of lynx too, when i got a look at those ears. thanks for the puzzle and sunnybarb's information. but did the poet really say 'fiend for themselves'.


They are definitely beautiful cats!!!! thanks for the post.

So cute! And enjoyed the poem and info on them. They are quite striking.


Yes, they are kittens but not bobcat or Canadian lynx. These are caracal kittens. They are native to east Africa. Dubbed the most beautiful small wild cats.

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18 September 2020 - 22 June 2015
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