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The Disgronifier - patent not pending :-)

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40 pieces
99 solves
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  1. anettka851:21
  2. whatnauts1:36
  3. pperkins1:41
  4. Wurm1:42
  5. javasage1:42
  6. shirley681:43
  7. foxymoron1:44
  8. GoldenCat1:47
  9. PLG19581:52
  10. wjl10151:55


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Walter has a penchant for petulance.... get over it, Grumpy!

(V. clever, Mr O!)


Walter says you stole his design! But his was a pendant not patting.


ohmy8, haven't a clue what you're talking about but thanks for your comment!


Not a problem, Shirley. As soon as whatnauts pays all the associated fees for the patent, you shall have your machine :-))


No worries, Fay. Thanks, mate :-)


Coming right up, Your Majesty the QORE! Milk and sugar?


Strike me pink, we don't need another Taj Mahal... hide it from him!


Patti, Our Lady of Discernment! Thanks :-))


LOL... you make it sound so enterprising, you little entrepreneur you! I'll sign the rights over to you, whattie :-)

are you sure it's not a female amplifier?


Chrissie you do have a great creative mind, my first thought was it only made tea, Then I thought about it, and coffee comes in dunking bags too, so I'll now put my order in for one of these 'Disgronifliers' please. Thank you Chrissie. :) :)


Love it, enjoyed it very much, thanks mate.


Very clever Foxy. I would like a cup of tea please.

I better not show this to C or he'll want to build it.


LOL! We learn so much about you artists by your work!!! Love it, Foxy! Thank you!


Oh yes, every home should have at least one of these. You should patent this. Including the patent fees, you'd only be in the hole for the amount of the patent, lawyers fees, plus raw materials!!!!! LOL

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