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August 11th, 1979

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my wedding day
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You guys are a riot, @mauismom and @jals . Thanks for the big laughs.


Now that's funny, Penny. I hope you managed not to laugh in his face. Once when we went to the old theater in our town, we were sitting in the seats watching a movie, but every time my husband would move his seat would creak badly. And then his seat broke and he was sitting on the floor, asking me to move over so he could get up and get into another seat. It took me a while to stop laughing and help him.


that was Joe's brother's car. some type of Dodge, i think. Joe had a Challenger, and when i went to Ft. Riley, Kansas, to spend Christmas with him, he got it stuck on a hill. he told me to get behind the wheel so he could push it free. 1st time 4 everything,right
....he pushed and yelled "give it gas!" and i did! got to the top of the hill and looked back in time to see him face down in the road trying to get up! snow everywhere-in his glasses, down his neck... it was a riot! last time he let me drive that car


Such a special day and a really pretty dress. Way back before we knew aches and pains would be part of our daily life.
What kind of car is that?
The reason I ask is we were married in September of 1979. My husband drove a 2 dr. Malibu Classic. After hauling a kid in a car seat in and out of the 2 door back seat, we got a different car. lol That car hated me.

And now I see you are happily divorced. oops.

And Margie,
My husband usually put his parents first. I did outlive the MIL and good riddance to her. She had the nerve to outlive my poor sister-in-law though so SIL never got any rest from her.
Also, I knew there was going to be a nice inheritance and I wanted my share. lol If I could have divorced her, I would have been much happier.


so true. thanks for checking out my puzzles.


Hmmm. Brings to mind an interesting observation that stuck with me:

"Women marry men thinking they'll change, and they don't. Men marry women thinking they won't change, and they do."


Good picture


WOW! I divorced my husband mainly because of his mother, or the fact that he couldn't force himself to put me before her. He didn't want the divorce but I couldn't live like that. I've regretted it in some ways, but I know I couldn't stay in a marriage like that. I knew too many women who stayed married because they thought it was the thing to do. I'd rather be alone than in a marriage with problems. His mother lived a REALLY long time so I would've been miserable.


@KittyCounselor my cousin, Nancy, had to pull over driving; she was laughing so hard. yep, i married a towhead. nice guy, especially to the women. his answer to that was "but honey, you know i love you; i married you!" long story short, my Mom kicked him out, looked at me. i looked at Joe and said"good bye, honey!" never regretted it.


Oops. sorry. The picture is kinda blurry and it looks like his hair is white. My bad!


@KittyCounselor oh! you gave me a good laugh! that's Joe, the man i married! 4 years younger than me, :))))


You were very pretty, Penny, and your father? was quite debonair.

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