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A happy pup

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This is Chelsea. She passed the playground on her walk today and couldn’t help herself-
Who can resist such joy-
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  1. hamcar4:24
  2. MollyBear4:24
  3. Juliache4:43
  4. Sharai5:03
  5. carrps5:04
  6. Nueddel5:05
  7. RustysMum5:40
  8. Nitroknitter5:42
  9. hadzi6:03
  10. Grennen106:06


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Probably, but like most Labs, any excuse to play . . . 😊


Thank you for your comment, Sharai-
Isn't that gorgeous dog a bit large for the swing?


Great picture. My black lab loved the slide. Never tried her on a swing.


Hello Sharon,
Hello Helen.
thank you both for your charming notes-


A beauty, my friend! Reminds me of many times, swinging in the back yard!! Thanks so much for this lovely puzzle. It is so very cute. I want to join the little fellow!!!! Am doing better, daily. But tired, whew! See you soon!


Thanks Jean for the laugh. Reminds me it's good to take time for a swing ride more often and relax those worries...


Thank you, Molly and Betty-


Chelsea says: "OK Mom, I'm done with the dog parks! It's all about the playgrounds...from now on!"What will Chelsea do? The way dogs grow so fast. Give her just a few more weeks and she won't fit in the seat.


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