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What made this? Bet you can't guess...

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It looks flesh coloured - but it's also got what looks like white hairs!!! You're going a bit strange here girl :)))


Hi Deborah. I'm in UK. I find it fascinating to hear where other Jigidi solvers are from.


You could be looking up somebody's nose...though goodness knows why you'd want to...and this could be a glitzy nose stud! :-DD


By the way, where are you? I'm in Oregon, US. The time differences can be so difficult sometimes.


Thank you, Lesley! And yes I'm Deborah. It's nice to meet you! As for the puzzle, I really don't think anyone will guess unless they pay a lot of attention to the small details!


Nice set of puzzles this morning. Is it Deborah? This one certainly looks a bit hairy but I've no idea what it could be. I'm Lesley, by the way.


LOLOLOL!!! You are so wrong, Kirsten! Good thing for you it's not my hand!


I'm gonna guess it's a bejewelled person!! A ring on a finger perhaps? Although it looks a bit hairy. Is it a cross-dresser - wearing an extremely ostentatious ring? Boy!! Am I in trouble, if this is YOUR hand!!! LOL

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