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You go right ahead and celebrate my10th Birthday because I was up all last night celebrating with BoBo and I just want to sleep😺
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Val, The things friends find out about each other🙀 ..

I had a roommate with 3 cats and I had 5 at the time🤣😂🤣😂 a fun time..anyway ..she worked late and about 11:30 to midnight she would stand outside the back door calling one of her cats..P O K Y..P O K Y..over and over again …and that’s when I decided to whistle for my cats🐈🐈‍⬛😺

Hugs dear friend❣️🌸❣️


Eva how funny I have always whistled for our cats too, they always come running Hugs my friend♥♥♥


Janet, he was worn out celebrating🤣😂 Hugs and Thanks❣️🌸❣️


What a sweetie, so sleepy. Thanks and hugs Eva. ♥♥


Peggy, We all need another nap😺 In a couple of month Lukes buddy, BoBo will turn 10 and another celebration 😺🐈😺


June, Good Blast😺 Mom had a headache for two days, what does that tell you😺🐈😺


Val, Your praise makes him more fond of you😺 I talk to my cats and Hemi thinks we are having a full conversation between us. They know so many words that I’ve repeated to them during the years and it’s rather fun ..I have a special whistle sound when I have their bowls ready with food and they come running…I’m just a proud cat mom😺
Thanks and Hugs my friend❤️🐈❤️


Dobra, Luke took your advice and I’m about ready to take your advice as well😺 It’s my bed time💕 Thanks❣️🐈❣️


Jill, Authentic for sure😺 Thanks🐈


Ardy, Luke loves his new bed but have never seen him sleep with his head against the back cushion of the couch..usually he uses his bed edges as a pillow❣️ His day was very mellow a typical day😺
You are most welcome and Thank You❣️ Hugs my dear friend🐈❤️🐈


Patsy, that’s a fact😺 Luke is in his new bed I covered with a cotton sheet to make it somewhat cooler and he has so many other beds, chairs, condos to sleep at..Mr. spoiled for sure❣️🐈❣️


Sounds like a good party! Better have another nap!


Happy Birthday Luke - you obviously had a good time!!! :-))


What a lovely big birthday boy you are Luke, enjoy your sleep♥♥


Just relax, boy! Sleep strengthens. :-)


Wonderful pass time, an authentic catnap Thanks Eva


Lovely place to nap, Luke. Enjoy your day. Thanks Eva. Hugs my friend♥♥

Cats can sleep anywhere

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