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To all the kind Jigidi cat lovers

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Thank you for all the kind words and thoughts while my cat was ill. She is doing much better.

Bailey woke me the other night wailing, while I was in bed. She stood on top of me and stared in my face. I turned on the light and in her mouth was an unharmed mouse! I got out of bed quickly and lavished her with praise. She dropped the mouse on the floor and it took off like a bullet.
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Lori, great news about Bailey and I think the little mouse was a "Thanks, Mom! For all your caring." Of course, she may have been saying, Mom the house is not mouse tight! :-D


lol Tisketsmum. She better not be collecting mice for pets!


We're lucky we have no mice living indoors. Tisket brings them in from the garden. Perhaps she wants to keep one as a pet.


Thank you, Jrabbit. That's funny! As long as you found the mouse before you picked up your shoe to put it on. I was fine with small rodents until my little sister had pet mice. Those mice would cling to your finger and not let go. Cute critters, but I won't hold any small rodents, ever again.

Thank you, Tisketsmum. All the mice caught have come from inside my apartment. They would actually sit on the rim of my cats' food dish and eat their food. I would put my hand on both sides of her face and point it towards the mouse. "See the mousie? Chase the mousie, before it eats all your food!" 'sigh' lol.
Tisket is 14?? She is doesn't look it at all. She looks great.


Good to hear Bailey is feeling better, thanks for letting us know.
Tisket still brings us live presents but at nearly 14 years of age she is slowing up rather and doesn't seem to catch as many thank heavens. She usually puts them down in our bathroom where we catch them and return them to the wild unharmed.


Really cute puzzle. I'm so glad your cat is better. They are such sweet pets. I found a mouse in my shoe once! I'm just glad she dropped it in my shoe and didn't jump in the bed with it too! :-)


Thank you, Soo. Everyone was so kind to me on here. It was a such a comfort.


Oooh, I wouldn't have been calm if she dropped it in my bed!
I touched it, when it was in her mouth, and I thought it was dead...wrong!
My sister said she brought me breakfast in bed, lol.


Lovely puzzle, thank you. I'm so glad Bailey is feeling better ♥ I'm not sure I would be as calm as you if one of my cats brought me a live present ☺☺

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