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Love this message! My granddaughter's cat brings diverse treasures home to be praised for the catch, however she has never brought a snake...good thing as it would be the end of the cat's life, accordig to my relative. Thank you for this special puzzle.


I don't have a cat story, but we used to have a border collie who was the reincarnation of Saint Patrick: no snake was safe in her territory.

Talented. Mine favors mice. How she gets them to come close enough to catch while she reaches under the screen door is one of life's great mysteries.


When I was a lad we had no cat. So I was responsible for bringing all these things home. Mom yelled at me often.


better than a mouse... big enough tor dinner. she'll be so proud of me!


When I was growing up, we had a Siamese cat who refused to catch mice. They were beneath her. She'd only catch bats and poisonous snakes, then bring them into the house, alive, to show off her hunting prowess. My mother would have hysterics at the thought of even seeing a snake, so the cat would drop the snakes at her feet. It was my job to catch the poisonous snakes, take them outside and dispatch them while mother screamed her lungs out. I also had to catch the bats and turn them loose outside.


OMG! We have been the recipients of many a mousey gift from Tisket but NEVER one of those thank goodness.



I’m sure your gift is going to make a big impact on your mom. Well done, kitty! 😻😻

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