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Merry Christmas Jigidi Friends

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the folks on Jigidi that make the site more than just a place to put puzzles together. May 2019 bring you joy and peace. Love, Pax
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  1. bunzy4:27
  2. spencersmom4:58
  3. leftytim5:37
  4. PaxLab5:50
  5. Ianto6:09
  6. robinday6:30
  7. Pyssan6:47
  8. dialbreit7:03
  9. PFord507:47
  10. Alvim8:02


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Thanks! As long as she can bring that stick :-)


TFS, lol looks like Rudolph found him a fill-in substitute for Santa's sleigh.


PaxLab, Thank you and the same to you and your puppy from Mojaveman(Steve), Mojavewoman(Anita) and Oliver(our rescued supposed to be Lab but Mojavewoman and Oliver fell in love at first sight at the local hoosegow(pound). What was advertised as a Lab Mix turned out to have the looks and ALL the characteristics of an American Pit Bull Terrier. He has turned out to be a wonderful companion. Also the same wishes to the rest of Seagirl7 followers. Steve


What a talented girl! Merry Christmas to you both, hope it finds you healthy and happy. Thanks for the call out! Tina


Very, very cute Paxlab!
Dusty : D


Oh what a smart Santa to have Pax leading the way! They'll get their rounds done in record time. Merry Christmas Pax!


Thank you! And may your holidays be as bright as can possibly be! It's been an interesting 2018...Looking forward to "sharing 2019 with ALL of you!
Dusty (and his "Mom')


thanks paxlab and all the best for you,, Merry Christmas and a fun puzzlesharing year♣♣♣♥


@spencersmom @hancheye @Ginni2 @jignjw @marionugchelen @seagirl7 @dblay @dustydog @olando @WVHillbillytoo @mojaveman @willey19 @Marymargr8 @PaxLab

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