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  1. DWSibb0:26
  2. like921150:28
  3. loveydear0:32
  4. Emilis0:34
  5. chickiemama0:35
  6. grandmalucy0:35
  7. Robbos0:36
  8. EsBunny0:36
  9. BarbaraL0:37
  10. 08290:38


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Hello Libby, I can certainly understand that as she is quite wonderful! So very relaxing! Once again, I thank you for bringing her to my attention....Big hugs & kisses to you, my friend! And, God bless!


I am so glad you found a few minutes to give Melody a listen...and that you enjoyed! I have been a big fan of hers for a while now...enjoy your bubbly bath! Libby ;-)))


javasage- Hello Libby, I did give a listen and I loved her version of this song, she has a beautiful voice, very crisp and clear, yet so soft and kind of whispery! If you haven't, you should give a listen to her song called "Baby I'm a Fool" it's very pretty too! How awful for her to go through a hit and run, and end up with brain trauma among all the other injuries she encountered! I feel so very sad for her, and yet she didn't let it bring her down, she got through it with her music! I too, think she's an amazing person! Thank you so much for bringing her music to my attention, now I'll have to go out and buy her C.D.'s and give a listen to all of them! I'll listen to them while I take my bubble bath's, it will help me to relax even more! Big hugs to you too my good friend. ;-)))))))

Annjax- Hi there Mamacita', lol yes it is totally awesome, I love it so much! You are so welcome Ann, thanks! By the way I sent you an email, lots of big hugs, Monica (Chica)

amakrokis2- Hey Maureen, I'm so happy you think so too, thanks so much! ;-)))))))))


Awesome! Stunning!


Ain't the Earth we have been given just awesome?! Thanks, Monica.............


Hi Monica! I hope you have a listen...the other reason I wanted to share her music with you is because of her healing story! At the age of 19 she was riding her bike (late at nite) and was hit by a Jeep...hit and run, suffered severe brain trauma and broke her hip...several other injuries. She was already a musician, she got tired of all the drugs, etc. and decided to use music as therapy to heal from the brain trauma! She is an amazing person, singer, musician and this is the ONLY song she does so far) she didn't write herself! Miracles happen! Hugs to you and hubby! Libby ;-)))


Hi Sandy, Ami and Libby,
First of all thank you all so very much for stopping by to comment on my rainbow series, I'm so happy that you liked it as much as I did! Ami, I promise to listen to IZ first chance I get, thank you very much for pointing it out to me, and your quite welcome, I always love putting together your lovely puzzles! Libby, I promise to also give a listen to Melody Gardot's version! I just know that I'll love them both! I'll let you both know soon, what I thought of each one! Thanks so much for everything!...Hugs and kisses


loveydear, I just listened to IZ, and it IS fabulous...I had never heard of him before! I learn such cool things here on Jigidi...I'll share in return, this is Melody Gardot's version: me know what you think! Libby ;-)


Your series reminded me to play one of my favorite versions of the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel 'IZ' Kamakawiwo'ole. It's a fabulous sounding version that I hope you'll give a listen to. Thanks for giving my puzzle a visit, but even more for leaving me a comment Monica!


This is gorgeous! Thanks Monica!

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