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Joey On Mandolin!

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This was last year.
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Way to go, Joey. keep plugging.


Yay Joey! ☺♥☺


Joey has changed a lot this past year. He looks so much more mature now. Maybe caring for Maddie has brought on some of that along with being a year older. Is he really interested in learning to play? I played a bit on the mandolin many years ago. It was my Mother's. I had it restrung and it cracked.


I strongly agree, Putter! 20 yrs ago, when my 80-year-old dad was 1000 miles away in a nursing home recovering from a debilitating stroke, I'd send him recorded letter tapes, talking to him and singing, self-accompanied, songs we'd always sing when our family was growing up, He couldn't talk but could still hear and the nurses said those tapes brought him back to life! He'd ask them to play them over and over until he got the next one! :-)


Long ago I found out that being able to sing and play guitar helped me get through some rough times. A skill like that can only help Joey!

Good for you joey. Even if you only play for those around you.


Is Joey serious about learning music, Joe? Is he playing the mandolin in earnest? You've obviously made music important with your family. I think that's just wonderful! :-)))


Thanks for sharing these photos of Joey on Mandolin with us....

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