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  1. Franc1:39
  2. monicaarmintrout2:06
  3. stones2:29
  4. Abolvig2:45
  5. sheilatw2:47
  6. Charlotte132:51
  7. Spike2:52
  8. pshark2:54
  9. baggins092:59
  10. madera3:00


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Hi all thank you. Wish it was sycamore instead of ash we love our native trees


The loss of trees, through whatever means is always so sad. Hopefully, you'll always have those beautiful ashes, June!

Favorite funny one today was middle right. Favorite pretty one was bottom right. Thanks so much!

The bottom left is my favorite. Thanks for the very prettypuzzle.


I think it's bad in the rest of Denmark. I don't think SO many has died on the island, but some have!! It's terrible! First the elms and then the ashes.


i have been thinking of all of my friends in the east and hoping you are all safe and well with electricity,


I love 'em all!! Many thanks June!! :)))
(time, 5:28)
It's 45 degrees, wet with a light wind.
Just waiting to see if we're to get Hurricane Sandy. :)


says it's 48 here but windy and raining and altogether horrible I sit here looking at the trees through my window, nearly all ash trees, we have at last banned the import of them I hear you have lost 90% of yours. If that happened along my little river it would be devastating


Middle right is VERY funny!! But they are all SO beautiful, June!! 37 degrees here but fortunately no sleet or snow. They had it in our western provinces called Denmark. Thanks so very much!!


Hi Ardy it's raining and 45 degrees, bit windy and I'm glad I am not going out today. No power outages forecast though, that would be a nuisance specially through the night, I have portable oxygen by my bed which makes me feel happier but the thought of no jigidi or photoshop, oh no! I like middle right best


Hi June, My favorite today is the top middle. All the subdued colors make me wonder if it's a dark, gloomy day in your neck of the woods. We are expecting such here with worse to follow. Power outages are only too likely. Thanks for a fun puzzle.

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