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In-N-Out Menu

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Standard In-N-Out Menu, a burger chain in the Southwestern United States.
The In-N-Out Double-Double is to die for!
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Thank you. I used to live in San Diego and In-N-Out in Mission Valley was fine of my favorite places, When I visit California from Massachusetts, where I live, I have to visit an In-N-Out.


Having read all the comments yay/nay i will leave mine now.....I am about to turn 78 in December 2018.I have eaten and drank all the things that are all apparently bad for you and i am still here for a while yet i think.I love all the things on the menu displayed in this puzzle and one thing they could add is fish and chips.I know some people would be horrified at the thought of eating from this menu and want to dive into a bale of kale instead.I think personal choice is a wonderful option rather than bend to others wishes because they think they know it all.Some people like chocolate covered bugs for lunch.I would rather have a burger and fries washed down with a real Coke.....Coming from a good gene pool helps quite a bit as well....Happy Canada Day Canadians!!!! Happy 4th of July Americans!!!!!!


Enjoy, racoonstar. When I was in Ohio, there were no Burger Kings. When I got back to Fl. it was my first stop!


Thorsdaychild - thanks for your comments on this puzzle, too.

I'll be heading to S. California in a couple months for a family gathering, and I'm looking forward to a Double-Double and chocolate shake. I might event splurge on an order of French Fries!


I would not eat this god-awful crap if they paid me a zillion $.


The Menu: What will not kill you will not make you stronger.

What will not kill you now will kill you later.


I could visit here twice a day at least! We don't have one.


You're welcome, Bev.


I'm thanking you for your response ...have a wonderful day and nice meeting you. Bev.
5-21-16...7:50 a.m.


Sorry bevpuzzler8, I do visit Jigidi at least every couple of days. I did see your post with the scary nutritional information, but didn't think that your comment needed a response.

Any "fast food" you buy is going to be as bad for you, IF you eat it regularly.

Since it's something like 1,600 miles to the nearest In-N-Out location from where I live, it is NOT something I eat very often. I only get out to the US West Coast every year or two, and while I do usually indulge in the guilty pleasure of a Double-Double while I'm out there (and sometimes even have a chocolate shake with it!), it's only once every couple of years. :D


Hello racoonstar you haven't been to this site or perhaps you just don't respond???????


Calories in In-N-Out Burger Double Cheeseburger W/ Onion

Nutrition Facts

In-N-Out Burger - Double Cheeseburger W/ Onion

Servings: 1 burger

Calories 670 Sodium 1,440 mg
Total Fat 41 g Potassium 0 mg
Saturated 18 g Total Carbs 39 g
Polyunsaturated 0 g Dietary Fiber 3 g
Monounsaturated 0 g Sugars 10 g
Trans 1 g Protein 37 g
Cholesterol 120 mg
Vitamin A 20% Calcium 35%
Vitamin C 15% Iron 30%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Oh, my keep eatin these and you might die because of it. Thank you for this menu. Bev.2-27-16..1:07p.m.


great puzzle and interesting to see your prices - i am from south africa and it is almost R17 to One dollar xxx thx



Double-Double with grilled onions, yummy!!!! Great fries, too. All the food is fresh and cooked to order, nothing frozen.


I'll settle for two doubles please☺☺

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