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Colorful Streetlights (Fun-Size)

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35 pieces
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  1. evina561:09
  2. like921151:09
  3. jpatrick1:10
  4. pookeze1:18
  5. Arria1:19
  6. javersano1:29
  7. melissaw1:29
  8. Ianto1:29
  9. tholin1:33
  10. memo1:35


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Well, I see my job is done for the day - I've helped everyone "rationalize"!!! Gives me a gooood feeling to be so helpful. Have a great day Y'ahll.


O.O (those are my big innocent eyes lookin at ya...LMBO)


Yes, Milady, I have seen this demon speed, and have wondered how it is possible. Could JC with the sweet, big, soulful eyes possibly be in league with the devil...??

But then I thought "No...I don't think that's it...I think JC is just a pretty darned good jigidier...and I meself have to jig on a 13 inch lappy so I can't spread my pieces out to see what the heck I'm doing. And as apparently is STILL being said - "that's my story and I'm sticking to it." So THERE!!

Heeheehee. 'Mornin Glories!! :oD


That's a very funny comment JC. And Susie, have you seen how fast JC is? For a being with such sweet, big, soulful eyes, he sure can burn the keyboard. I've decided that I'm slow because I have and old, stubborn, slow-pokey mouse. As used to be said - "that's my story and I'm sticking to it." Thanks for beautiful streetlights, whatever they're lighting.

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