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Morning Walk

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35 pieces
36 solves
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  1. dogs_n_me1:12
  2. Ianto1:23
  3. JM_Cookie1:32
  4. nippystravels1:37
  5. frava731:38
  6. introvertka1:43
  7. canoekaw1:50
  8. wshealy1:51
  9. bhmb1:54
  10. teach1:58


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Just checking up on you and your tribe. Stay warm.


I do have an account on Reddit and I go there for the "Bad Jokes / Dad Jokes" sub-reddit.
I don't bother with the hater groups.

Ya... what is that call all about. What is it they are looking for. How come no one is explaining what that Chinese lady wants.


Perhaps Facebook or Twitter would be okay but the American members seem unhappy with Reddit as there is no accountability and there are instances of bullying, hacking, and identity theft. I don't want any of those problems. TPTB should not have activated it automatically...just inform us and let those who want it click it on. Now, how about those 3 a.m. robo phone calls speaking Chinese! :(((


No joke, Jm_Cookie is in Japan on Twitter, I am not sure of her age.
I did not use that name on twitter, so some other person has taken it.
That is ok, I do not own that name except on Jigidi and that is fine with me.

People are way to upset over this, what if I told you there was a book with your name and your address and your phone number in it, and a free copy of it was given out to every person in your city and every public library in the country !!

The called this massive breach of security "The Phone Book" ..gasp


I hope you're joking...


Well this is fun..

I Googled my Jigidi ID and found out I am a teenage girl on Twitter :-D



Matt, "Reddit" has been added to the social media sharing section of your profile in the "ON" position. Evidently it is a hate-filled, unsafe site.

Go to "My profile" (meaning your profile)
Scroll down to: "SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING"
Click on it.
Remove the green check marks.
Click on "SAVE CHANGES".


We had 32C inside the Greenhouse and -10C outside


Then I would just add a down sleeping bag on top of the blankets!


Would if help if turned the heat off in your house?


I want to go back to bed! ;)

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