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My kind of cup

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  1. Wurm4:21
  2. AndyAndyO4:22
  3. Tamara3634:40
  4. Hatiwu4:45
  5. Kora4:46
  6. coulthardddd5:40
  7. froggy515:43
  8. Dhes6:02
  9. misecretary6:05
  10. tonij6:20


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Hey, Maz,

I just completed a puzzle you might like. If not for the jigsaw, then perhaps for the COFFEE...
You can find it by searching for a puzzle maker named milinski
Cheers, ElvisBanana



In the U.S., most regions just drink regular old coffee out of a can, while others have taken to artisan roasters and coffee baristas. In the Northwestern states of Washington and Oregon (referred to by their postal codes WA and OR in the first post) there are a lot of specialty coffee houses.

By a strange coincidence, I have a tie to a business based in Melbourne. So even though you live on the other side of the planet from me, I feel as though we are neighbors. The coffee tie-in helps, too.
: 7D


LOLZ Elvis.. Melbourne..Victoria here,,, n I really am a coffee addict!!! Glad u enjoyed it

Maz ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶


Ha! I'd bet you are from the Northwest, WA or OR perhaps?

Nice puzzle with great humor. Thanks, way2bitchy. Great name, too!

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