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Kit Cat

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For everyone who has read Kit Cat's story, I would like to share that I lost my dad. It has been difficult and hurts a lot. I will always appreciate all the love and enjoyment he and Kit Cat gave each other. Kit Cat continues to look after my mom and he stays very busy.
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Yes, Patsy, I still miss him and think of him often. I wish I could show him my new house, I know he would like the area and be happy that I’m finally settling in one place. Kit Cat is still looking after mom and that is a big job!


It's been three years, but I'm sure you still miss your dad. I hope your mom is doing okay with Kit Cat's company. ~Patsy


Yes, Impie, it is still very painful and sometimes I think I’m not dealing with it very well. I know I thought I would definitely lose my mind when it looked like we were going to lose mom just a few months later. But I’m grateful she is now home and KC and I are able to take care of her. My condolences on your losses, also.


So sorry for your loss. My condolences come a little late, of which I'm sorry, but I can imagine you're still hurting....I know I did for a long time after my dad passed and so did I after my hubby passed away!


Sounds like Kit Cat was the perfect fit for your parents at just the right time....what a wonderful relationship your dad had with Kit Cat. I'm so sorry for your loss, the ache of which has hopefully eased a bit since you posted the news. I'm sure Kit Cat is still doing a fine job of looking after your mum and giving you both comfort.


Webpeggy, what a lovely story about Kit Cat and your dad. Sometimes you can be so completely set on not having an animal (cat) around. Then in comes a tiny , scraggly little furball of a cat, and your whole world changes. I'm so glad Kit Cat came into your dads' life when he did. Seems like he was sent just for that purpose. Thank you for telling the story again. Sherry


RebeccaB, thank you for your thoughts. It means a lot during this time; it is tough.


Rje25276, I certainly understand your No Cat being a huge comfort to you since your loss. I live alone and don’t know what I would do without my Pal.


Thank you for asking, Sherry. If you go to my page you will see a puzzle of this tiny little furball someone dumped, and I found. I took him to my parents, he got his belly full, then walked over to my dad with the attitude of “ you like me, don’t you?” My dad had always hated all cats. Mom thought they were ok, but belonged outside. I wasn’t sure I would leave him there, but gave it a try. This was just as we found out my dad was losing his sight; it also turned out to be the last 9 months of his life. It was amazing to me to watch as this little kitty worked his way into my dad’s heart. He totally loved him. We eventually managed to get my mom to try him out inside and found out how well- behaved he could be. My dad could not stop talking about his cat. Kit Cat was like a little miracle wrapped in fur who came along at just the right time. He gave my dad so much joy and I am thankful for that even as my heart is broken.


Sometimes the silent companionship of a pet is all that can comfort us. I'm so sorry for your loss, but glad to know you and your mother have Kit Cat.


I am so sorry about your Dad's passing. I have lost close family members and I understand the helpless feeling and the grief you are experiencing. I guess I missed Kit Cat's story. If you could share it sometime I would appreciate it. Sherry

My condolences on your family's loss. I am sure Kit Cat will be a loving and sensitive companion to your mother. My cat (No Cat) was sometimes the only reason I was still sane when my first husband passed away. He is still my comfort now, 10 yrs later.

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