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A stray who wants to live here.

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He's been living on and under my deck all spring and summer. Ok.....I feed him. He needs a home.
He's friendly, I named him Tommy Cat. Do I have 3 cats again?
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Hi Geleigh, I guess you're right. Looks like I have another cat! :))


Always room for one more-- Galeigh


Hi Jan, I couldn't turn him away. He wants to live here! The weather is still nice here, so he is still outside. I don't want to bring him in till after I have him tested for diseases and gets fixed.
I love the pets! :))


Hi Jeannie , the good news . I'm pleased . Our cat Mici gets to us a stray . She was thin and wild. As a reward, she gave us Max . We're all happy. Tommy Cat will be happy with you also . Thank you very much for the story with a nice end . Good luck to you all.


Morris, that's what I was afraid of.... :)
I just got home, I've been gone for 4 days. I had 2 family reunions to go to. I did a lot of catching up, and it feels good to be back home. :)


Why not? He looks very comfortable already.


Carol, hi. I can't break the rules now can I! :)))

Thanks Pat, he's got to live some where! :)))

Faye that's great! Thanks for letting me know! :)))


Hi, Jeannie...good news...Robbie just checked in! :)))


He is so cute....


Yes. "They" say the rule in decorating with beautiful things (in this case casts) is to do it in 3's! :)


Suzy, I'm such a softy when it comes to the critters! :)))

Cobalt, thanks, he a nice boy.

Bentlyed, thanks for encouragement. I'm not going to let him inside until he's been checked out by the Vet, I don't want him bringing in anything to Fancy, or Rocky. And I get him fixed.

Yellowgal, I think Fancy will keep them both in line! Tommy Cat pick us all right! :))

Snooker, looks like Rocky and Fancy will have to learn to share! :)))

Brie! I'm leery about taking in another one, but what choice do I have? Thanks for sharing your friends story, that was nice. We'll have nice weather for a few more months, so there is no rush. I'll slowly get him use to everything. :)))


Yes, definitely three! Can there even have been a shadow of doubt - the eyes say it all "You are mine and I am your's" win - win.
My friend in Illinois (who has more cats than I can remember!) had a stray come to her in exactly the same way and he wouldn't venture in so all winter he had a covered box on her porch and a three bar electric fire beaming in heat!! I think he realised eventually that if it was that good on the step it must be brilliant inside and that is where he eventually ended up - and very happy too!

Think you have a new friend to share the food and catnip. He looks very handsome.

What a handsome shade of grey! Jeannie, you have no choice, Tommy Cat has clearly chosen YOU . . . . congratulations!! Sounds like Mr Rocky's been spreading the word of a good place to live. Wonder if Fancy will feel outnumbered by the boys, nawwww, she can hold her own :)))


Welcome Tommycat to your new home:-))))))
You have a super mom :-)))
Jeannie, they will all get on eventually.
I have three rescue cats and sometimes they don't get on, but they know they have food and a place to sleep and although they have become very affectionate with me, they each have there own special
place away from each other:-))) Good luck:-))))


Congrats on your new feline friend. He's a cutie...Sue


Of COURSE he wants to live with you! He knows that the refrigerator is easy to open, there are boxes to stick his head in, he can have his choice of eating from a can or out of a fancy glass dish with a ribbon....rumor has it there may be capnip around soon. He's a smart one, Tommy Cat is!


Mecera, Joe, PLG, Beekay Roerick, Faye, Bentleyd, Mimi, Smllphg, OK, I'm keeping him!
I don't know how Rocky will take it when I let him in the house! Rocky is friends with him when he's outside.
Tommy Cat's history: I first started to see him last Summer, just now and then, he'd run off as soon as he saw a human. He kept coming back during the Winter, (he and Rocky made friends at that point) still running off at the sight of a human. I put out a little food, we were having a lot of snow, he had to eat. He slowly became more friendly with me when Spring hit. Now he jumps in my lap and lets me pick him up. He' a good boy. Thanks everyone!


Yep! Lucky you! He's a beauty.


I vote YES!!! :))


He looks like a nice cat Jeannie:-)
Yes you have three cats now:-)


In answer to your question: YES! :DDD


He's pretty. I love that lazy look he has---"I'm comfy and not going anywhere."




Awww, -- I just took in two. Looks like you have 3 now! Looks like a sweetie!


That looks like a very contented cat. It looks as though he has already fitted in to his new surroundings.


That's great mecera.
I already have Rocky how was born here, and Fancy who was a rescue kitten. Tommy gets along really well with Rocky, and sniffs Fancy nose to nose through the screen door. Rocky lets him stay. If he's still here when Winter gets here, I'll get him fixed and let him in. He's not been inside yet.

I adopted last year, one of the best things ever.

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