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great blue heron's belly

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Sorry the photo isn't any better, but he came from behind, unexpectedly, right over my head, I only just had time to aim and push my button before he landed :)


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He is Anne!! Walking right under those big wings with their wide wing-beat is a bit intimidating :)


Thanks Returner! and you're welcome, I love to share :)


Thank you Bommom, my pleasure :)


Not really a matter of prepairing canoekaw. When you're often out with your camera and shoot a lot of pics of 'things' that won't sit still for long your reflexes get better I think :)
I didn't know what the underside of a heron looked like either. I had often seen parts of it ofcourse, but never like this.


He's certainly an impressive bird....look at that wing span!


An excellent photo of the underside of a great blue heron shot in mere seconds! Good work! And thanks for sharing it.


He has a black V for a very fine bird. How could you prepare with him sneaking in behind your head? I really enjoyed it. I had no idea of what his tummy would look like.


Thanks, Schutkleur--still a nice view. :-)


Oh goodie! I want to solve this and see his tummy. Really!