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Christmas, 2012

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Thanks, Michelle. We named our daughter after one of my college friends, who was named Heather. I had never heard it before. I will look forward to your pictures of ornaments.

I have to smile at your compliment about my knowledge. According to one of my sisters I am not too smart and she always has to enlighten me on one thing or another, constantly. The most amusing was when she sent a postcard, of the White House, taken in the late 1950's or early 1960's. She explained that today there are security measures in Washington, DC, and so the picture would be different, with cement barriers. I guess she thinks I live in the far out back and would not know that. We live near the city of Battle Creek, home of Kelloggs and Post cereals, and a federal center. The federal center has big cement barriers at any location around it where protection from vehicles would be necessary. Also, unlike perhaps her, I do watch the news daily -- here from the deep woods. LOL No, I am not in a secluded area.


Rose, what a coincidence! Your daughter and my only sister share the same name. The story about the pink roses is so touching. (A profile sou-bouquet instead of soubriquet ?) While my husband has given me many different coloured roses over the years, it is the yellow that mean so much to him (allegorical reason relating to his long stemmed yellow rose) and they are the ones he gives to me on special occasions.

I smiled at your Christmas tree shoulder! I've been through a number of health issues (some at an earlier than is usual age) and I think that I need to adopt and adapt your phraseology to suit my need! I too am fortunate to have a one and only too; best friend, partner and helpmeet. You're a bit further along but we're past the hump heading towards the fourth decade.

I think we all feel old in body at times and missing out on the things that you want to do is difficult and makes it seem worse. I do understand and, in every meaning of the word, empathize. (I have had to deal with severe mobility issues and it has taken a lot of years to get back to being able to get out and about again with relative ease. (Everything is relative! lol) I still have days when it isn't as easy or when progress is sidelined by something else.)

I am glad to have met you here on jigidi. We both were impressed by your intelligence (ok, he said *that is one very smart lady * and he didn't mean cheeky! ) and have enjoyed talking to you very much. Since I seem to be recovering from this nasty virus now, I will promise to try to get my decorations out by this weekend and will take some photos to post for you. I can't have you having just one puzzle dedicated to you! ;D Michelle


Puzzaddled, no problem shortening my profile name. When our daughter was born, her name is Heather, my husband brought me a bouquet of small pink rose buds. Hence the profile name. I love pink roses and so does she. ; ) I mentioned in you puzzle that I am old. It is when I ache, or miss too many events that I feel old. I couldn't work on my 2nd tree yesterday because my shoulder and hand hurt. I told my husband that some get tennis elbow, I get Christmas tree shoulder. ; ) He puts the trees up for me, and puts on the lights. So I don't do it all alone. He also does all the grocery shopping, vaccuming, etc. He is a treasure, and my only one for more than half a century.


Rose (I hope that you don't mind me shortening your profile name), I have been tempted to do two trees too. We now have so many ornaments, that we don't get to showcase them all. It seems that we get special ornaments for each other every year! My daughter has an eye for the unusual too. She and her friends do a cottage weekend together every year and they usually stop off at the Curve Lake First Nation when they do. She found Rick Beaver designed Christmas balls and she has been giving one each to her father and I for a couple of years.

We often pick up something commemorative for the tree when we go on vacation, too. We'd thought we'd have a mostly empty nest by . The plan was that the kids would take ornaments with them when they left. Yup, that was the plan. In the meantime...

It's tough when the mind and heart are willing but the body needs to go slow. I do empathize. I know that if I didn't have help, I wouldn't be able to do it all at once either. I guess you just put the carols on and take your minutes here and there when you can. I like that fact that you're doing it though. We noticed that the year my mother-in-law thought that it would be too much trouble to decorate, at all, was the year she ended up cocooning and getting depressed. She now does try to do something, even if it is just setting up her coffee table scene with her Dept 54 village and bringing out a few Christmas knick knacks, and we all see that she's happier for doing so.

You're ahead of me in getting ready...I've been sidelined for the past several weeks with a hideous virus that has just knocked me down. (I've hung around on Jigidi a lot as a result.) I did get around to creating our Christmas cards and just printed them and the envelope stickers today (the hands don't write as well as they used to) and I hope to get a bunch of cards mailed tomorrow. Next up is to start getting out all the decorations. I might even get around to posting a tree or ornament for you! Keep smiling and having fun! ;D

Here's the previously discussed puzzle:


Thank you, Michelle. It is a nice time to remember and enjoy all over again. I have two trees, another has more ornaments that are special. I never intended to do that, but when we moved to this house, the tree above was too tall for our family room that is on the lower level. So we bought another, and not wanting to "waste' this one, I have kept at both trees. it was a challange when I was teaching. I would do a bit each day for several days. But now I am doing that again, a bit each day, because I tire easily. Thanks for telling me, by the way, that there was another message from you -- I have not spent as much time as I would like looking at puzzles, still working on my family room tree and Christmas card list, and ... ; ) but I am enjoying the trees. ; )


Lovely tree, roseheather. I too love my memory tree. I can admire the theme trees that are all the rage on those decorating shows but I just can't live with one. We have too much fun looking at this ornament or the other and remembering who gave what, made what or just remembering the person who is no longer with us. Thanks for sharing yours. Michelle


Thanks, Lyndee, I missed you the first time I saw a comment. I didn't scroll down. I appreciate your comment.


Thank you, Laurajane. ; ) It has many that were gifts from family and friends and I have been adding to them over the years.


What a pretty tree. It has so many beautioful ornaments on it.


A lot of beautiful ornaments on your tree. Nice.