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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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Oh, Jan. There is a wreath on the door but not a Christmas one I did look up some of the Christmas embroidery last night. If I take a trip to the attic I'll find the large latch hook pictures I did years ago. I'm just not a decorator in any sense of the word. I admire what others do though. Thanks for stopping by.


Ardy - I swear Mom had those same little musical angels (on the table on the right). What wonderful memories that brings.!

And, Ardy, sometimes a wreath on the door is enough. Maybe add a candle inside with greens around it. A stocking you you and the cat....those are simple little things that would cheer me up. But, none of these things is necessary for the true meaning of Christmas. I used to have a wonderful nativity set. But, I gave it to a relative.


I feel, Ank, that I do my decorating with music. I'm helping provide music for two concerts plus two church services.. That and getting and wrapping gifts for family and friends is about all I can manage. Thanks for your concern but I'm OK with it.


Ardy sorry I just have to say this. Okey you are alone, but that's not a good reason for not decoration your home. And I feel like I have to grumble if you don't. Ok don't do very much, but don't do nothing. Also for you alone you have to make it cosy. Come on friend, go for it.


You are very welcome, Pat. Thank you for coming by. Always like to see you. Hugs.


Love this time of year. Beautiful thanks Ardy. Hugs


OK Francine. I'll get back there shortly. Thanks.


Dagmar I'm so glad you came and hopefully absorbed a little Christmas spirit. But shouldn't you be sleeping? Night night to you. I'll work on more Christmas images.


Hi Ardy, left you a message on the other one.


Hi Ardy I see that you are in the same Christmas mood as I am, I'm trying to decide this year if I will put the tree and the decoration or not. Every year I'm in the same dilemma, every year I say I won't bother this time and then I end up putting one here in Madrid and an enormous one in the mountains LOL and I suppose it will be the same this year you also must get yourself a tiny little Christmas with a small tree your Hummel Natifity scene and some presents. I always buy one or two of them myself to be sure to get exacly what I wanted LOL.
You keep posting Christmas images and perhaps both of us will cheer up and get into the right mood. :))


Thanks, Ank. I think I had some little something in it that worked itself out. It's fine now. Thanks for caring. No, I don't do anything at home anymore. There's just me and it seems like too much work. When the folks I lived with and bought the house from were alive the house was really decorated. I may put up my Hummel Nativity scene and maybe not.


Thank you, Pattyanne


Hi Ardy, I solved the picture and thought That's in a library. And indeed it is. It's very nice. I hope you do the same in your house.
I hope your eye feels some better

Nicely done.


You are very welcome. Glad you enjoyed it, Hanne. I used to really enjoy doing this


Oh, it's SO FINE!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


When I was working full time I put up a tree in the school library. All ornaments had to have something to do with music or education.