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Barbara Regina Dietzsch--Groenling, 1716 - 1783

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"Barbara Regina Dietzsch was a painter of flowers and animals. Born in Nuremberg, she was the daughter of painter Johann Israel Dietzsch (1681-1754) and her brother and sister were also painters. 18th century Nuremberg was a major publishing center, and like other female flower painters working there, Dietzsch produced work to be translated into engravings. Based on extant examples of her work, she apparently was prolific as a painter as well, adopting a smooth and precise style in which highly decorative arrangements of colorful flowers were rendered against a dark background on vellum. Sometimes she painted bouquets and sometimes a single plant. The offered pair is typical of her bouquets -- ribbon-tied still life compositions, various insects such as beetles or lady bugs on the flowers or leaves, and translucent flying insects, all against a dark backgrounds.

At her death, the existence of over 100 gouache paintings of birds, insects and flowers by Dietzsch in the GrĂ¼ner residence at Nuremberg was recorded. Today, the Morton Arboretum in Illinois has 72 of her paintings in its collection, and the Fitzwilliam Museum in England and Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh also have significant numbers of works by her.


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maybe it is a turtle.


It could be it's wearing a turtle-neck sweater.


I can't ever recall seeing anything like that on another animal. anything's


Mike, do you think birds can get goiters the way people can?


this bird has rolls of fat around its' neck, it makes him look odd.
it always amazes me how many talented people there are, and that they are able to make a living from it.


You are welcome, JG. I was not familiar with Dietzsch's paintings, until I bumped into this. I will try to remember to find more to post. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Gayle

I love Dietzsch, and it's so rare to see anything of hers. Thank you for this!