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Ready For Take Off

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Had to go to the airport again today to mail my express package. Got this picture as they were getting ready for take off.


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Thanks Gene ..although my better half told me I had better watch taking pictures out there... With all that's been happening..
Jan thank you so much ...


Nice shot, Pat! Thanks!


Great photo and post my friend Pat :-)))))))))))))))


That's they way it goes Jim ..Yesterday I was exiting the freeway on the way home and a helicopter went right over me and couldn' get to the camera either.. I said darn missed that one. But in your situation there wasn't much you could do.


Nice photo, nice puzzle, Pat!
BTW, as we were returning from Nebraska last week, we stopped at a rest area just north of the Kansas City, MO, airport. Susan was busy and I had a dog leash in each hand as a big jet flew directly over me and banked! My camera was in my pocket but I couldn't manage a picture with two corgis searching for the right spot.


Let me know Starlord now it is coming express mail so you should get it today by noon my time.
Thanks Lorna the post office sets along a runway so I usually can see one or two..


Nice photo Pat.


I'll let you know when you present has arrived :-)