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Theme: Reptile - Chameleon, photo taken at Columbia Zoo, Columbia, S.C.

30 pieces
80 solves
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Lol! He's harmless, Shirley. Some people have them as pets. But, easy for me to say because I happen to really like reptiles. I guess beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, lol! My husband would see him just as you do, my friend! ..... :-)


As long as he stays behind glass, I'll be fine with him, lovely colours, Thanks Jill.


Isn't he gorgeous! He was staring through the glass at me at the zoo. Note that his eyes twirl around, much like Chrissies, lol! Actually, they do move independently of each other as this little guy exemplifies.. I love his little feet, they look like oven mitts.... :-)


Very colorful critter... Thanks for showing him off.... A little fierce looking but beautifully colored.... :) :)