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... sheep may safely graze ...

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Thank you PLG and PD.

I love your evaluation of sheep v lambs, PD. Too funny! ; )


In this age of facelifts and Botox and chin/cheek implants, I can't say for sure how old these sweet lambs? sheep? really are...! :-)))


Fabulous photo, RH! Thank you!


So they are, Fodus. Thank you for commenting.

However, I was reminded of Ovis aries when I knocked the sheep and lambs off the top of my bookcase, then I had to find a picture that I could use. Lambs will grow up to be sheep, will they not? ; )


These are lambs...baaaaa


Oh, I didn't re-read my original statement very well, too tired; I meant to say that the sheep were NOT safely grazing. ; )


Well, I was curious, because Vallium is a fairly new drug, created in New Jersey and authorized for use in 1960.

I did find this:

One of his best? known pieces, "Sheep may safely graze," is from Cantata 208, which he wrote for the birthday of the Duke of Weissenfels. The "sheep" originally meant the citizens of Weissenfels who could "safely graze" under the gracious care of their duke. When we hear the piece today, we generally think of sheep under the care of the Good Shepherd. Bach, no doubt, would approve. from:

I've had the feeling, from hearing it, that the use of "sheep" was an allegory, to describe people being protected. I'm pretty sure my husband has sung this in the church choir in the past.


I looked up your "sheep may safely graze" and found that Bach quote. I think he did have a valium addiction! I listened to the music on You Tube and it's lovely!


I think I am too tired to understand Bach's words tonight about his compositon about sheep, but I will give it a go again tomorrow. I almost "get" it. Not quite. Too many times up and down the steps today.

Thank you, LauraJane,and PD, I would like to see the wooden sheep, I'll bet they are lovely. I need to get a picture of my creche. I selected the Fontanini figures because the creche was from my adult children and a bit rugged looking. In addition, a shop here in town carries those figures and I could add to them bit by bit.


Ummm....A Bach quote, 1741, rainforest and subconscious and valium addiction... Sorry, I missed something here! :-)))

My creche sheep are wooden with lambswool hides, and they face their greatest peril at the hands (paws/teeth) of my cat and dogs...!


Thanks, Lyndee. Probably glad they weren't part of my nativity scene today! ; )


"Music is like a tiger. I don't mean to say that it's vicious. What I mean is that music, or musical harmonies and melodies, have a tendency to camoflague themselves in the forest of the soul, that great subconscious rainforest. Yet, despite being a rainforest, and not a temperate zone, sheep dwell therein. That is why I wrote a song about sheep. Sheep of the subconscious rainforest, and no,? I do not have a valium addiction." ---- J. S. Bach, Leipzig, 1741.


Awwwww! I wonder what they're thinking.


I was reminded of Bach's music when I was putting the nativity scene together on top of the bookcase today. I was having difficulty getting some of the figures in place and in reaching over some, I knocked off two or three of the sheep in our set onto the floor, and thought, "well, those sheep are safely grazing!" ; ) Fortunately they are made by the Fontanini company and are virtually indestructible. Whew! I broke two ornaments for our tree this past week, so it was good that I didn't lose my footing on the step stool. LOL