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Floonyribunda Flower

49 pieces
100 solves
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Uh oh. You're right, Mr. Bugosi.*

*But only this time.


Miss/Mrs/Ms Wendy......IF you read my comment correctly, you will notice i said "I've never BEFORE seen the Floonyribunda Flower 'up close & personal"........
Now, try & pay attention please.....(Hee-Hee).........


Thanks, Wendy. :-)


Mr. Bugosi, you're number 10 on the list so you must have seen the Floonyribunda up close and personal unless you solved the puzzle with your eyes shut.

Anyway, for me, just looking at the pieces is an "up close and personal" view, and the pieces in this one are gorgeous.


You'd have thought that they would be blooming all over Bonga Bonga, considering the abundant availability of tadpole secretions there... LOL! Thanks so much, whatnauts!

And I'm glad this new way of making things worked out here, because I've just spent most of the evening creating Paintings and then making loonies that way! (Partly because I was feeling creative, and partly because even Firefox was doing molasses mouse again...)!


This is fantastic PD.

Lela mentioned he's never seen a floonyribunda flower before - well he's still one up on me - I've never HEARD of it before. Thanks for sharing, PD :)))))


Yes, having them close by is quite useful for 2 AM feedings...! Thanks, Kathy!


Ah, yes... I see the tadpoles moored along the bottom... they must be 'on call'! A most lovely flower!


Very busy is right--and be prepared for more to come! This is a new hybrid, and the secret to its enormous blossoms is a precisely timed dose of tadpole secretions...


Ooh, busy, busy.


Strangely enough I've never before seen the Floonyribunda Flower 'up close & personal'........


Pat, then make more of them! I LOVE the way it looks.


I usually kaleido something, then maybe change the number of sides, then keep moving the center around to get off-centered ones. This time I would just keep making 5 sided ones, then turning them 90 degrees to get them symmetrical through the vertical axis, then re-kaleidoing them, then repeating that. I've never done that before, and I didn't realize it would keep adding layers, extending the center design outward. When I finally got the amount of detail I wanted, I then did the off-centered bit. I'm happy with the result--thank you!


Oh, Pat. I LOVE the pieces viewed up close and personal here. They're gorgeous!