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"The Straight on the Haight" Straight Theater (Avalon Ballroom) 1967

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Whoa... what's going on? That's not the Fillmore... or the Winterland… not even the Cow Palace... Boys and girls, you've been indulgent letting me put up my posters (in spite of the "Post No Bills" sign) and I'm just not ready to bid adieu to 1967, so I thought I'd give you a taste of the other venue posters I've been hoarding. I am going to finish the Fillmore series - DON'T TRY TO TALK ME OUT OF IT! - I just am not feeling 1968-ish yet. Are we cool? Far-out!

This is a poster by B. Kliban for a benefit concert March 5, 1967 at the Avalon Ballroom. The event was held to renovate the Straight theater which was opened as the Haight Movie Theater in 1937 in the Haight-Ashbury district (same year Amelia Earhart vanished). After falling into neglect, it was renovated and opened in 1967 as a rock concert venue. The Straight's last concert was in 1969. The building stood vacant until 1979, when it was demolished.

Oh, yeah, the poster designer was the same guy who did the cat cartoons...

And the band Sparrow? I may have used this link before... it's about all there is. If they play another concert, you'll hear it again... and again, and again, and again. Life is tough... on the bright side, John Kay, from Steppenwolf, sings - it's his first band - and there's nothin' wrong with that...

Big Brother and the Holding Company -

Country Joe and the Fish -

Moby Grape -

Sparrow -


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Very well designed and colourful poster, mpp - More of the Fillmore posters to fill in (its a tongue twister if your mouth is full) - but I'm game for whatever you throw this way. (❀ᴗ❀)