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Good morning thought

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(I'm doing all right, Pat. Thank you. My kids are being wonderful to me, and some friends too. You were a wonderful friend to your best friend!)


Thanks Jacques sweetie


Laurajane I do too every so often...
Patti thanks hope you are doing ok.... I think about you.. My best friend never worked and when her hubby pasted. It seems everyone keeps in contact for a while then they have there own life. So when I got home from work I would call her and make an excuse that I had to go to the store and I took her with me. Whether I needed anything or not. Then a couple years later we moved to where we live now and she told me she never missed anyone so much as she missed me being there for her. I would go back and we would go out to lunch every so often. We were friends for 40 years. Bless her heart she passed away 2 years ago.


nice set pat!


Perfect! Thanks!


An attitude adjustment is exaclty what I need from time to time. Thank you for the reminder.


Morris now I undersand.... same here have been working at home on a lot of different taxes....
Mandy good afternoon don't we all... love the comment...
Good afternoon Fran the wind blew so hard yesterday and last night but today seems to be cool but nice..


Good afternoon, Pat. Major winds here and heavy rain last night. It's going to be a super cold week apparently.


So true, thanks Pat. It's hard to let the Master Tailor get on unhindered though... I have my ideas of how the finished product should look, and it can delay the process a lot!!! LOL!!


Yes I do for the most part, pat. So I have to do it when it is there.


On Sunday.....Do you work for yourself??


Oh yeah, working again today!


Good morning BFF thank you....Have a wonderful day..


Good morning BFF nice one


Good morning Morris ... You can keep it.. coffee ready???


How true, Pat! 10F here this morning!! So I am sending some cold air your way, Pat!!!


Ank will be looking for you....
Good morning Jim that's all it takes...
Ardy it always begins with the Master Tailor...If it wasn't for him we wouldn't be here..


Good morning, Pat. So true. The hard part is when their is a lot of tailoring to do. One can get tired of all that sewing. But then there's the Master Tailor. Actually that would be the place t start. Thanks, Pat. Have a good day. Hugs.


Good morning, Pat! A very simple thought but oh so true!


I'm on my way, the wind is coming from the east and hard, so I'm there before you know. lol


Good morning Sis It is still dark here all though you can start to see the breaking of dawn. It is 30F degrees this morning. But the wind is blowing so hard and where I live is a lot of farm fields. No trees to stop it ormaybe slow it down. Got my coffee, taste pretty good this morning. For breakfast I am fixing Ham, fried potoates and eggs / with rye toast and orange juice. Just sprout some wings and fly over here. Have a great day. Hugs to you and Henk


I fully agree. And a very beautiful photo, thanks.
Good morning dear Sissy. Coffee ready? It's still dark I think, so you can't see the weather. Here it's very cold, special by the wind. The expect a lot of snow today, we will see. What are you going to make for breakfast? Have a very beautiful day. Hugs for you and Earl.