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Saturday's Flower

49 pieces
147 solves
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Thank you, Mandy. I think it's beautiful too! :-)


Beautiful flower, thanks Wendy.


Mary, I'm not sure who you're talking about....but Ardy lives in Maryland, advia in a European country that I'm not supposed to mention...even though it's an especially beautiful one, and whatnauts lives in Canada. Oh, and I live in Pennsylvania. I went to a university in Florida and I absolutely LOVED Florida. I even hitchhiked back there years later with a friend and had a wonderful time...lots of memorable adventures on the Keys.

One of my favorite things about Florida was the hurricanes...and the rains that would pop up out of the blue, and then disappear just as quickly.


Y'all must all live in the same area. Gail told me some others lived in the Portland area not too far from her. Stay safe from those storms, I'm in Florida, the lightning capitol of the world, literally. And, of course, there are hurricanes. Be prepared if you know one is coming! Stock up!


I'm guessing you got the storm that went through here this afternoon. Hope your lovely flowers all survived the heavy rain and high winds. I think it was headed for you and on up to Pat. Stay safe. Thanks, Wendy.


Oh, the Wendy Flower, the Wendy Flower! How I love them. Doing the Flower Dance! LOL Thanks, Wendy!


Say what??? I lost my comments to both of you. I swear I responded just a short while ago.

whatnauts, I went outside and snapped a picture so I wouldn't have to pick it.

advia, it's not moving at all. LOL!


This seems to move from the center towards outside.


This one must have been picked in the dawn's early light. Very cool.