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Vintage Fillmore poster No. 94 (Winterland)

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Nicholas Kouninos made this poster for a Winterland concert November 23, 1967.

So, the last four concerts have been held at the Winterland. Being the curious little Sixtiesphile I am, I wondered whazzup wid dat? I see the last Fillmore concert before this stretch of off-campus shindigs starred my man, Lee Michaels. Well, unless the Fillmore suddenly developed a severe termite problem and had to be tented, my money is on - as I prophetically stated on poster no. 90 - Lee's performance blew the roof off and the roof (henceforward referred to as "the roof") needed to be replaced, once they found a new one on Craig's list. Legend has it that this actually happened (damage to a venue). He's loud. Injured eardrums... embrace them. The Winterland was significantly larger than the Fillmore, as you've been told already, and even if the goal was increased attendance and revenue, some of that profit would be eaten up in extra apples being given out... were you paying attention? See, I understand how business works...

Donovan -

H.P. Lovecraft -

Mother Earth -

Bonus: Lee Michaels -


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Oh crap! Here comes personality #3 again. He wants me to let you know you misspelt "wid". Wid is spelt w-i-T.... and TIM should know, he won the International Spelling Bee in 2003 by correctly spelling the word 'idiot'. TIM claims he knew the correct spelling because in most of his conversations with other people (and I use that term loosely) 'idiot' was frequently mentioned.

Sorry to say, I must have dozed off during the 'apples being given out' lecture as well as the exposé of the diabolical plot of Rubic to change ordinary cubes into seemingly harmless puzzles. Little did we know each little three-dimensional solid object bounded by six square facets with three facets meeting at each vertex could become such sinister objects, like ice cubes, sugar cubes and a rapper entitled Ice Cube. Soon the multitudes were quoting Shakespeare… "Out, damn'd cube! out, I say!—One; two: why, then 'tis time to do't.—Cubes are murky.—Fie, my lord, fie, a pair of die... and afeard? Who'st fears a geometric shape that comest to us in a bake-n-serve pan?" (or something like that)

What were we talking about? Oh Yeah.... some skinny old guy name Johnny Appleseed giving away apples. I read about it in history books... not sure, but I may have been sauced... I damn well know I wasn't a peeling :-(

Enough mindless chatter for one day... but what else can I do??? Act 'grown-up'? We both know that ain't gonna happen....

A special thanks to Returner for returning... but wait, isn't that what returners are supposed to do? return? Ok, I take my special thanks back... Returner was just doing her job... (and doing it very well, I might ad :-)


You're on the board - better than I do! I seem to do better with bright colors... maybe you have a 'type'.


Took me 6:23 to solve this puzzle, mpp. I've never been good at these but now I'm ridiculous!