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Last St. Patrick's Day with jigidi friends in Illinois...

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Laura, Lyndee, Chickie, Morris, Celeste, Richard, and Suzy, ♥


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Can you believe that it has been a year already?


Yes, Brie. Hoolihans! It was a fun time :) You may want to be careful of what you wish for in company, Brie!
Sometimes the memory needs to be jogged a bit, Chickie.
Was quite a good time meeting folks, Patti.
You are so welcome, Laura. And thanks to YOU for setting it all up!
A mere year ago, Lyndee :)
To you as well, Shirley!
For sure Treker!
We know your humor, PG. If you expected us to be angry, you are WRONG!


And a wonderful time was had by all. It was fun watching lyndee picking on John and watching Chickster trying to figure out which side of the camera to point at the flowers. Now we should not say anything about poor St. Jim trying to get a word in between the pumpkinhead's many. Morris with his Gnu camera was having more fun then allowed.LJ was a great guide for the entire gathering. Celeste was a great sport and went along with the group having a wonderful time. I think that should make everyone mad at me for sure.




Happy St Pat's day to you all.


Oh Yes.....a year ago today.....duh, why didn't I remember that???? That was fun, how could I have forgotten?????? We MUST do it again!!!!!


I had forgotten that we all met on St Patrick's Day! Oh shoot, it was so nice being together...especially at Houlihan's! My steak melted in my mouth. I sure did have a good time. Thank you for this special puzzle, Suzy.


Thank you Suzy! That had to have been a great day!


Maybe we can do it again one day - how about you guys coming over here!!?


Oh Suzy! Thanks for the memory! It slipped my mind that today was the day. :) What fond memories. ♥

And Brie, it was a great day this Fall meeting you there too! ♥


Did you go to Hoolihan's??