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The stunning winners of the acclaimed Siena International Photo Awards

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Polish photographer Bartlomiej Jurecki captured this image of traditional sheep grazing called 'Redyk', which takes place in Mizerna in southern Poland and involves more than 1,500 animals. He said: 'From the Low Beskid Mountains, shepherds bring back the animals to the city of Nowy Targ, where the owners will take care of them during the winter. The animals will go back to the mountains in spring.' The image was highly commended by the judges


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Thank you all for the wonderful comments .. Ardy, jyl, Suzy and Fran … :-)))


You're probably right! Those you saw are probably the same dogs I saw. We have to remember that Poland is a long way from the Scottish-English border where the breed originated and there could be some other canines in the blood lines.


Thanks, Judy. I did look and with the magnifying glass and see a couple objects that might be a border collie or two. Notice in the couple farthest from the camera the one on the left looks like he has a sheep's head.


Wow! I also love Suzy's comments.


Wow, incredible sight! Thanks Pat.


One wouldn't want to be walking at the rear of the Redyk without some high rubber boots!


Ardy, if you look at the image again, enlarged, you should see in the upper left area, where the sheep are a little spread out, a few dogs. They look to me like black and white border collies and are mixed in with the sheep.
These sheep have most likely made this journey before and know that there's a reward of some sort when they get "there."


Glad I'm not in that car. LOL Where are the sheep dogs? Fantastic photo. An amazing sight. Thanks, Pat.


Lefty I have too ... maybe those idiots get the idea from sheep .. :-)))

Thanks Sandi ... :-)))

LD .. More to come .. :-)))


Thanks for sharing this amazing photo Pat!




I've seen traffic jams on highways in the US, with some goofballs driving on the shoulder. It seems much more natural and sane when sheep travel outside the guardrails.