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white crowned sparrow

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Posing for me in the ice covered elm.


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Thanks, bloorox!


Awesome photo, jcarroll!


Thanks, Jan!
And thanks, Tex. I'll check into Vistaprint.


JC, I've done a calendar with my lake scenes on it the past few years, and this past one I gave a few for presents at Christmas. I get them done through that Vistaprint, and they're very easy to do and they come out great. Hope I don't get into trouble for saying that, I'm not trying to advertise or plug them, just saying that's who I use.


That is a wonderful idea, JC! You certainly have the photography skills for it!


Thanks, Cathy. Susan and I have been talking about doing calendars with different themes for next year. First, I need 12 different bird pictures! LOL!
BTW, I cleaned my windows and have been taking pictures without having to freeze outside! LOL!


Fantastic picture and lots of good extra information!! Thank you JC. Chickie is right - this would be a lovely calendar page!


J'ai eu le plaisir d'essayer d'aider avec la traduction, petrados. Nous avons hâte de voir vos photos afin que nous puissions voir les similarités et les différences. À la prochaine! Michelle


Thanks, petrados! I would love to see your bird pictures!

And Tex, I'M about to freeze, too! It was 6 degrees when I got this morning. I did go out with the dogs this morning but I didn't stay outside very long!


This is a lovely photo. Poor bird is about to freeze! Thanks, Jcarroll!

Thank you for those informations. J will try to mode good photographies of all our european TIT. We could then compare with yours.


As much as the lovely puzzles, I enjoy the global aspect of Jigidi. I have only a very sketchy knowledge of Spanish, French and German (in decreasing order of sketchiness), but I really like stretching myself to try to translate comments made in different languages. I wish I could speak others' languages as well as they all seem to speak English! However, I am pretty good at translating Google-speak (they translate words only, not syntax), so it's too bad that JCarroll didn't ask me to translate the translation! I'd love to see more puzzles of European, African or Asian birds like the Coal Tit and the English Robin (so different from our robins). And, please, JC, lots more of your lovely American bird photos.


Thanks, puzzaddled and Jan for the help with the translation! What I got was,"I think recognizing the ater tit black appeared in this period many snow." Unfortunately, I couldn't translate Google translate! LOL!


Jan and I crossed at the same time... and are on the same page. Very good, told me you spoke Spanish and not


This is a lovely picture of an adorable little bird.

If you will permit me, JC... If I understand petrados correctly:

"I believe I recognize the Coal Tit (latin name) Parus Ater, numerous at this time of the year/ winter time."

petrados: Nous n'avons pas Parus ater en Amérique du Nord. Il s'agit plutôt d'un blanc Sparrow couronné (Zonotrichia leucophrys). Ils ont tous les deux se ressemblent beaucoup, n'est-ce pas?


I think Petrados is saying that he recognizes this bird and that you see a lot of them during this time of year. It is a "Coal Tit" and part of the "Parus Ater" classification.

JC - Again, you have gotten a fabulous bird shot. You are certainly the "Bird Whisperer!"


Pat, these birds are very common here in the winter.
And thanks goingsilver and chickie.
Petrados, I tried Google translate and it didn't make much sense.


Really, really nice jcarroll! Love the set today!!! This would make a very nice card or on a calendar.


Love this - the combination of the cute little bird and ice covered tree is a stunner! Thanks.

Je crois reconnaître la mésange noire PARUS ATER, nombreux en cette période de neige


Pretty little bird.... never seen one of those....