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Button Day is a fun day to collect, use, wear or just enjoy buttons. Button come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and designs. There is an amazingly endless variety of buttons for your collection.

The origins of this day are unknown. So, we can't be certain of the real meaning of this day. However, households have long followed the practice of snipping buttons from clothing headed for the ragbag. Do you remember playing with your mother’s or grandmother’s or great-grandmother’s button box or jar or tin?

The impulse to collect is a basic part of the human psyche, and buttons have been admired and collected for centuries. Button collecting was recognized as an organized hobby through the founding of the National Button Society in 1938.

You can celebrate today in any way you want! By the way – it was the very first word I ever said… and I’ve loved buttons all my life – so this is a perfect day for me!!!

If you want to know what I am celebrating tomorrow feel free to return to this page after 10 pm (GMT - UK) when I will post a link to preview tomorrow's celebration puzzle.


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Oh golly Diane, I hope you didn't start to feel hungry every time you played with that special button!! LOL


I remember my Grand mothers button box-warm memories. One button in particular - a brown one that made me think COOKIE. I loved to play with those buttons!Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J.


LOL - thanks PoetJean - they have such versatility!!!

I'm pleased you enjoyed today lajuin, thanks :~)



Thanks, Mandy for today's (and all others) puzzle. It reminded me of a hanging that we have in our garage.


I'll never look at buttons as functional tools again.


I'm glad you enjoy buttons too Ardy - I made a button toy for my children with decreasing sizes of buttons and an attached fabric strip with button holes which I used to let my children learn and practice fastening buttons... they loved it!! We used to love lining up buttons and sorting them by colour and shape etc too!1

Edie, I've been wearing an anklet made of buttons since earlier this summer - I just strung half a dozen colourful buttons on some embroidery silk and they've been tied round my ankle ever since... I forget I've got it on!!!

I love to hear how other people enjoyed playing with buttons as children Pat - thanks for sharing :~)

Francine - we're so much more civilised these days, with those little packets of spare buttons attached to new clothing... I guess it's easier and cheaper than sewing a spare into the seam somewhere!!

A girl after my own heart whatnauts!!! I remember those searches for the perfect button!!! :~)))


Oh, I love buttons!! When I was doing a lot of sewing, I used to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect button. When the fabric store had a sale I would stock up on the types and colours of buttons I used most, but when I was making a suit, I would usually have to make a special trip. Thanks for another interesting WK day, monza :)))


I also have a button tin (those spares from new clothing).


When I was a kid my mother would play a game with us (button button who's got the button) It did keep us busy.... Thanks Mandy


I have two button tins. One is my own which contains mostly the spare buttons in little plastic bags that comes with some clothes and the other is my mother's. She never threw away a button her whole life I imagine. I've cut it by half but it's still fills a big cookie tin. Can't remember the last time that I ever used anything from it. Thanks for the info, always enlightening.


Mandy, I have a button box and remember my grandmother's. Sometimes we would string a bunch of them and pretend they were necklaces or bracelets. When we were done we put them back for another time. My other grandmother had a very large vase that was covered with cloth on which were sewn the most beautiful buttons. Don't know why I didn't think to take it when she died. I was the only heir. I was never allowed to touch it. Kirsten has made some great kaleidos from buttons. I'm most happy to celebrate this day. Maybe I should do it by sewing the button back on my sweater. It's currently in the sweater pocket. LOL Thanks, Mandy. Loved he heart shaped ones and the rainbow arrangement. Well done.


I though so too Josie!! I'd be lost without mine, my Dad frequently pulls off his buttons, and I have to rummage through to find something that vaguely matches to replace it!! I still buy buttons at boot sales too, just because I love them!!! LOL It's so nice to know you're smiling :~)


Wonderful images, I thought everybody had a button box, they can be fun and ever so useful, can you imagine losing all the buttons on your blouse. Oh dear. Mandy sure looks happy with her friend, thank you dear lady for another wonderful puzzle and the smile that means so much.


I've never been a button person but I do remember my grandmother having a marvellous collection so that if any of us lost a button off a blouse or shirt, she would be sure to have one to replace it. Love the piggy buttons, Mandy. Thanks as always for a delightful solve. :-)