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On the lighter side / Aunty Acid 12

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Ohhhh....I do salads.......I love veggies too. Thanks dear Pat, I guess I scared
the Lord :-))))) Janine.


Janine he would be easy to cook for just throw him some bean sprouts and a salad..

annjax......I know what you mean. Although I love to cook....and I did for many people,
sometimes I need a break and get something easy...even from the Deli. I am single now
so I am finding the same problems. C U later, Janine :-)))))

Starlord....I would cook for you anytime, so how is that for an invitation ?
Janine :-))))


Thanks to all Lorna - Janine - Gene - Jan - Ank - Laura - Starlord and Ann Got to love your comment I agree with you 100%


A woman after my own heart! I cooked from scratch for SO many people, for SO many years (usually the same old things over & over because of their tastes!) that now that I'm single with only myself to cook for I also use Aunty Acid's four food groups. I got tired of all the fuss & bother. Besides, I can have such a greater variety of wonderful menus without the expense & waste of all those special exotic ingredients. I can have an unlimited variety of wonderful things and they take only a few minutes to prepare.
ZAP ON, AUNTY ACID & ANNJAX! :-D ...............


Is that an invitation, Kittenlove?
Would love to taste it, as I don't take your word for it... :-)


Oh my. I bet AA is not as healthy as she could be!


Funny Sis, but Aunty Acid can do what she likes, self-cooking is fun and tastier.


Aunty, not a bad plan, but it is easier to buy from the deli and heat it up at home. No bags, cans or boxes to throw away.


Very SMART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Starlord....there are alot of us women (and men) who like to do real cooking.
I was one of the lucky ones that had a grandmother that taught me to cook......then
I taught myself. It became a preference for me, but I respect the way others cook too.
Aunty Acid prefers her canned food and that's OK....sometimes I have to depend on
it too when I am in a hurry to put food on the table. I think this is funny and very
enjoyable. Thank you Pat for the enjoyment you bring to us. I love a good laugh...Janine.


Funny, but I know folk like her!


Anymore mine too... I would cook more but the hubby don't want big meals... I said why bother then


That pretty much sums up my cooking skills. Thanks, Pat.


okay Ill ask her Thanks:-)


Sure she can send my e-mail to you if you like. Denise


Pat I have a whole lot of Aunty Acid
came in a e-mail
Should I send them to Ank to send to you??


Not in those words, but they come pretty close :-)


Hi Sir Wizard Starlord are you saying that's the way we women do things??? :~)))


Typical :-)