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Write a Caption! wings

20 pieces
64 solves
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And we end with a BANG! HILARIOUS captions today! Thank you all so very much!!


Disowned by his brother, Santa, for a multitude of reasons ... Saint No-Clothes travels the earth delivering visual trauma to all the little boys and girls.


Let's see... if I write my name on this side, I can fit a heart & my wife's name on the other side, then she'll let me out of the doghouse for sure! Yeah, one of those "romantic gestures" she's always nagging me about. Hmm... I think that'll take about 40 more ounces. Honey! Bring me a beer!


Coffee spewing time! LOL Great captions!


Looks like he's looking for something he lost in the snow--His DIGNITY!

A caption? You're kidding. . . there are no words for this!


Angelo vowed never again to get romantic with his girlfriend when her parents were home. Not only did his wings not work when her father threw him out of the second story window, but he lost his contacts in the snow.


Angelo was ready to write his report for the Big Man - the invisible snow shovels worked just as well as the invisible angel gowns.


Hard to beat pd and jc. Maybe:

As a proud father, Jim was willing to go to great lengths to insure everyone knew his son had been drafted by the Los Angeles Angels.


No caption. Silly man!!


I can only hope this is NOT my Valentine's Day gift. Just a nice card will suffice.

LOL yellowgal, I love your quote.

"It came upon a midnight clear, that glorious song of old, from angels bending near the earth, this fool will catch a cold." Spare us!!


I will never, ever bet against the Ravens, again!


LOL! I'm speechless!


Billy misunderstood when his kids asked him to make a snow angel......