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Cabiro Cable Car in Swiss Alps

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Who owns the copyright on this photo? I've noticed very few posters here honor "intellectual property" rights. A copyright lawyer could make a career on this site.


I did state that *perhaps* it was not a rope way system. I did not mean to get in a match with you about anything.

Thank you for educating me about my misinformation and making me see the light.

All I mean about the Jigidi site is it is meant to be fun.
Please try to have some fun.

That is all I am trying to do.

I will not say anything further on this puzzle.

Oh dear looks like a bit of a raw nerve has been exposed.

You are correct in stating that you put up incorrect information but when this was pointed out to you, your response was to say the correct information I posted was incorrect.

Now of the three lots of information:
a) your assertion that the cable car in the picture was the world's first double decker.
b) my assertion that this was not the case and I provided information on the first of its type
c) your dismissal that the information I provided was incorrect

All of the above was very easily verifiable by a simple web-search and taking information from reliable sites.

You have NOT provided any source for your assertion that I provided incorrect information, my gut feeling is you just made it up as you didn't want to be proved wrong.

Now if you had posted your last but one post immediately after I provided my information you would have come out of this with your credibility intact. The fact that you chose to attack what I wrote and have now deleted your posts has left you without a single scintilla of credibility.

Of course you have compounded the problem by asking if I am not enjoying this and I could leave this site, how long before you invoke 'Godwin's Law'? (look it up, you won't know what that means)

Till the next hilarious exchange - toodle pip!


If you aren't enjoying the puzzle or Jigidi, you don't have to be here.


I found a picture. I copied what the photo was labeled.
I apologize for the erroneous information.
I deleted the erroneous information.
I am sorry.
What do you want?
Should I delete the puzzle?

Oh dear, the truth hurts sometimes doesn't it?

That can be the only reason you have deleted your comments.

Of course you still haven't answered my questions, a reply would be apriciated.

So where did your fountain of knowledge that the Vanoise Express is not a 'rope way' emanate from?

So if the Vanoise Express is not a 'rope way' system, what is it?

I guess you are some kind of expert on these kind of things?

I'm just an ordinary passenger who has to use it on a regular basis for work and know a lot of people who work for the company that operate it. We just call it a téléphérique, which incidentally is what we call the contraption in the photo above.

But hey what would we know, we only have to live and work with these things, so I'll bow to your obviously superior knowledge.


Beautiful view but heights is more than I think I could handle!



Not the world's first double-deck cable car.

The first is the Vanoise Express linking the ski areas of Les Arcs and La Plagne (France) spanning the Ponturin valley from Plan Piesey to Les Coches and opened in December 2003. (I take it at least once a week during the winter season).

That said the one above is pretty impressive as well.


I think NOT!!!