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I don't need guns or crocs - Look out Jacques!!!

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Hi snooker, thanks!
Oh yes Jacques, I see an eyelash that looks similar on both of you!!


put your right glasses on Robbie that you can see that she looks like me! look at her and my new avatar you fish!

LOL, Robbie. ZAP!


Yes it is safe Shirley, my dad had to duck round the corner though!! Thanks.
Jacques take your crocs and hide behind your pretty sister, she looks a lot tougher than you!!


my crocs are deadlier than your archer!


Wow, I've been missing all the fun that's been going on. Is it safe Robbie, what ever you are aiming at.


Hey squire, good to see you and thanks for the checklist!
Funny gem!


We've been wondering where you've been psquirt. Good to see you've resurfaced! On the lam??? :)


Let's see.....recurve bow, arrows, saber, machete.....and a ninja headband!

Yep, yer good-to-go man!


Hi Morris, I agree, he is a good guy, I hope it works out.
Hi Ank, you are safe. I decided Jacques is a good guy at heart and I will let him be........until the next time!!!


Hi Robbie, please take good care. Are you sure you can properly focus? I mean it's a great distance from Bermuda to Belgium,.............. And.... I live about 170 miles away from Jacques, are you sure I will be safe?


I hope it works out for Jacques, he is a good guy. He just let some one get under his skin.


Thanks PK, silly games by silly people!!.


Were you telling Jenny to hurry up and take the picture. Robbie you are something else. Makes for a great puzzle.


Hope it works out ok Jacques, I would offer you a reference but if Marcus or Stefan looked at this........They might pull ME off the site!!
Thanks foxy, I have not pulled this out for 20 or 30 years, it belongs to my father and has only been used for target practice. You cannot see in the photo but my arm was shaking like a leaf, the recurve is TOO much for me also!! The cutlass worked out well!


Barebow recurve? I'm impressed, Robbie! I've loosed many an arrow from a compound - recurve was too much for me. In all those years of archery I never saw a cutlass used as a quiver rest before :-)


I have sent a message to jigidi, if they do not recover my account by tomorrow I will disappear from the site! hopefully till later my friend!You're a cool guy!


We crossed mate, I did have a practice shot after this picture......There are no more pictures!!!!


I sure hope not JB, poor Jacques has gone quiet!
Hi PLG, don't worry, a lot of hot air and little action! Thanks.


I take it Jenny has (had?) the apple on her head......


LOL! I'm not getting between you two! Could be dangerous!


Thanks so much, Robbie! I hope no one is put off their food by this scary vision above!


We overlapped Graci and Jacques, sorry I didn't see your comments.
Jacques stop swearing and they will not remove you. If someone irritates you, just ignore them, they soon get tired and leave....If not you can report them. If I irritate you?.........TOUGH LUCK....HAW HAW HAWWWW!!!!!!!
Graci that was a low blow in know, just tried to think of something insulting!! I do wear crocs myself, but never in a photo like these, barefoot is COOL!!
No need to be skeered yellow, all is well. We have started cooking tonight and tomorrow will be very busy. Best Wishes to all Thanksgiving celebrants.

Whoa, Robbie, I'm thinking we should be skeered now. . . that is a serious pose. And it looks so professional on you! Are you planning to take a break from chasing the Belgium so you can tend to Thanksgiving dinner? Have a joyous celebration with your family tomorrow!!


No need to be sorry chookies, I just don't want the Sheriff after me.....Oh look, there he is!!!
Hey Robbos, right on mate!
Hi Hanne, thanks for the compliment!


Robbie, I can't believe you insulted the Belgium chocolate, calling his harleys silly and little! Wait until he gets back, you are going to need your pink crocs to fight him LOL!!!!!!!!


Robin Hood wasn't any better, not at all!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


William Tell eat your heart out.


Struth, Robbie - I'm SO SORRY!!!


Thanks bookish, been a long time!
Hey chookies, you getting your men crossed?....Not that I mind!! We made sure no neighbours, police or hoseheads were around!!!
Overkill again Tex? Maybe I should just borrow your six-gun!!


Robbie, you are equipped for bear hunting! This is a little old Belgian truffle you're after! You're overarmed again!


Struth, Robbos - what must your neighbors think?? haha


Robbie, you look quite adept with this.


OK you Belgian fondue pot!! I'm in GUERRILLA MODE now in my GORILLA SHIRT. I can stalk you and melt you before I need weapons......these are just for show only........your chocolate melts quickly.......I'll have you dripping all over your silly little Harleys before you can pull a trigger!!


Oh, oh. Robbie's been watching Hunger Games!!!