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Zemeráj Kovárov - outdoor museum in Kovárov

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The unique natural park is located near Orlík lake in the village Kovarov. On 9 ha area around the historic homestead is located more than one hundred different games, puzzles and adventure tasks. Here children can run around natural environment, make up, create and discover.
Visitors can participate in the theater programs in live renditions of the village of the early Middle Ages surrounded by pastures with livestock, fields and gardens, on which they grow crops and half-forgotten old varieties of fruit trees. The area includes a a kilometer long trail barefoot consisting of natural materials and supplemented by a number of fun and educational sites. Children and adults can develop their imagination in interactive gaming premises, explore the archaeological siteor play a game an engaging game with a map and searching engraved with symbols that conceal secrets of the ancient treasure. Experiential park connects the the beauty Czech landscape and nature of Czech history.


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