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Rollin' Me Down The Highway! (small)

49 pieces
106 solves
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I'm missing a couple of wheels!


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You were in a green mood today, Rosie. Thanks so much!! I agree about the wheels. In fact I saw a car with all green (neon) wheels yesterday. It was one of those "muscle" style cars.


I like Pat's idea and wouldn't even mind being stuck in traffic if cars and trucks had wheels like your's. They are all so pretty but I do have a couple of favorites--the top row second from left and the bottom right corner. Thanks and now on to the Jiggyboard.


Thanks so much to all of you. I LOVED your comments. So many funny ones, too. Sorry it took me so long, I've been out of town all day! Again, thanks to JC, Ardy, Barb, Katie, Willy, Laura, Kirsten, Pat, Edie and Diane. I really do appreciate you all!


As I have said before, blessed are they who go around in circles for they shall be called big wheels. Fun puzzle. Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J.


Blah, blah, blah, I can't hear you. Nice puzzle Jan, blah,blah blah, no earworm for me. Too close to bedtime, blah, blah,blah, thanks :-))))


Another earworm--but I really love that song, so all is forgiven! LOL! Beautiful wheels--wouldn't traffic be much less annoying if trucks had wheels like this for us to admire?! :-)))


NO ONE makes wheels as nice as yours, Jan! I love them. Thanks very much. :)))


You will certainly be rollin' with these! Good one, Jan.


Great Jan, when I have more time I must do the bigger one, this was fun 3:29
Willy. :-)))


Such a bright and happy group - thanks Jan! :>)


I'll help you Jan. I'll take the top row left corner, next to it and right corner. Then in next to the bottom row I'll take the two center ones and in the bottom row I'll have the right corner. Now you're missing 8 wheels instead of 2!! How's that? Thanks, Jan. Lots of fun.


Lovely, bright puzzle! Thanks, Jan. :-)


Well, you are in good company, Jan! Most of us on Jigidi are missing a couple of wheels! LOL!