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Reinforcements Are On The Way PG..... Brought To You By The FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF and The XYZ....

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Touché, Your Cuteness..... Oops!!!!! Back to the Chicken Wars.... I do believe we have you on the run, Señor Plucked One..... Open mouth, insert foot.... You may want to negotiate a truce soon....


I had the nails done so I could tell when my foot was in my mouth. When I do not see the color I am in trouble again. Learning was never one of my big things.


PG, you think to seduce the fox with purple prose and toes? (Or up here, prozen toes!)


I am so proud! What great friends I have to provide such a lovely fight for me to watch and enjoy! Go team go!


You are all still laboring under false pretenses. Trying to remove the messenger will not remove the guilt you feel doing what you did to poor old Santa, who as mentioned is willing to forgive and forget but you must fess up to you digressions. The nails were colored in order to keep the fox away from the lovely hens.


One must watch out for such things when dealing with this boy, Chrissie. His purple prose and all.... *tee hee*


Oh, well done for spotting the painted toe nails, Michelle!


i love this, great picture!


He's certainly a trend setter, puzzaddled.
By the way, PG, the eye is just a wee bit black now. The black has moved to the chin, and the cheek is now a cheeky yellow. You can't frighten me about not giving me teeth next year-I can drink through a straw.


And really, PG, trying to mollify the girls by sporting fuschia toes?


All the better to eat you with... (*oops, I meant meet!)


What PG? You don't want to visit the hen-pecked house? But you're there already, my dear...what's a few steps further to you along upon this path you've chosen to trod?


Yes briar fox don't throw me in those bushes. Just what I need, to listen to a pumpkin with a black eye. You can't make things like this up. I am starting to understand there are ladies who cannot be made to change their ways no matter what you try and do for them. OK See what Santa is going to say to you next year. Pumpkin next year I will not carve you any teeth. A pumpkin that is all gums what a pretty sight that is going to be....Those that will not learn from history are bound to repeat it. I will tell Santa to stock up on coal for all of you.....


For the life of me, I can't understand why PG looks so very alarmed. You're offering him such a cozy looking new home. I'm sure the security system has all the latest gadgets available.


Snow jobs come from the north, bird man; not from down under. You will be safe and secure in that little house built just for you. I bet that you can get your feathers pruned in there, and that you will be roasty warm *(oh...I meant toasty!)


Cute! (1:08)


Such posh accommodations just for me and my cousins? You shouldn't have gone out of your way like that. We cannot accept such a gracious host and hostess. My what big eyes you have! I can see a safe coming down on that fox from way up in the air and my cousin Neep Neep said not to go inside with any fuzzy critter. I believe I am getting a snow job from down under I must consult with the birds down under.


Oh, she does want so much to be his best friend!


Friendly farmer, cute little puppy, no worries, off you go PG.


And the interior is luxuriously furnished for your comfort!


Ignore his eyes and the smirk on his face. It's all good. The fox looks like she wants to be your best friend!


Yes, I agree - such an honest and benevolent face!


I would trust him, PG. He looks like a very honest man. Go ahead. It's safe!