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Straw Flowers For 'Thirsty' People

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Mary, Mandy cheats. She always rolls back the Jigidi timer, and on this puzzle she asked Magnus to add 11 seconds onto Mr. Bugosi's time so that she would be at the top.

Mandy, I'm especially pleased that you like this one. It's one of my favorites and like I mentioned previously, I'm going to make more like this one. I love creating freehand. I was afraid to before...but now that I'm getting more comfortable, I figure, why not.


Wendy your creative talent knows no bounds, this is wonderful wonderful wonderful. An incredible work of art, which has lots of individually and carefully sculpted leaves and petals - I suspect it was thirstier work for the creator than for the createe!!


I think Mandy borrowed some of his jet fuel for the fingers after he had such a great time! Hers is awesome. I cannot imagine how people do this! LOL


Mary, I'm waiting for a big pitcher of tea puzzle from you, so that I can drink some too. I've taken to dancing since knowing you, and dancing leads to dehydration.

On a side note, Mr. Bugosi got a terrific time on this puzzle.


Oh, my! I got so thirsty just solving it that I drank all of my tea! Fortunately, I'm Southern and we keep big pitchers on hand! Or maybe I got thirsty doing the Thirsty Flower Dance, another new and fun one! LOL 3:18 Thanks, Wendy! We can never have too many flowers!


Hester, I love this too...and will be making similar ones in the future. On another note, I left you a new message. :-)


Wendy, this is lovely! The flowers remind me of dragonflies so it's apt that they should be growing beside that nice cool pond! :-)


Daisyjune, you're absolutely right!

Mr. Bugosi, it's a good thing that you said what you had to say. I have to say thank you, so thank you. :-)

Thank you very much, Jan. That's what I like to hear. ;-)

Ardy, then yours will wilt. Do you really want that to happen?

You're very welcome, texasstar. :-)

Judy, thank you for giving a heads up to people who might be drinking a bit too much. Public service announcements are needed with this type of flower.
Like I think I told you before, I love trying out new things all the time. I'm pretty sure that you do too.

Jill, I know exactly what you mean about this looking like a wood engraving. I LOVE the way this turned out. I've been working on some other ones too, but I don't want to post more until I'm satisfied. On another note, it was definitely my pleasure to post this one. :-)


Wendy, this is absolutely wonderful. I love it! It reminds me of wood engraving, one of my favorite forms of artistic expression. Thanks so much for posting this!


Wendy, this creation is a genuine work of art! You come up with such a variety of unique, gotta-be-solved-right-now puzzles, and I look forward to each new contribution. I saw no connection to "happy hour" but "happy" sure crossed my mind. I hope there are some designated drives out there. Turn over your keycodes before indulging beyond your limit. :-)))


A fine puzzle. Thank you.


Cute, Wendy. But mine has to be connected to plain water with maybe a squirt of lemon. Thanks for the very pretty straw flowers.


Some of us are going to bed - maybe time for a night cap? Creative and playful puzzle - you are wonderful Wendy.


I must say this is a lovely composition!......(There....I've said it!)....


For "thirsty" people? How about us "Friday" people?


LOL! 5:00 in the afternoon/evening is still too early, Katie!

buckeye425 IS Friday, and almost lunch time. But no, I don't drink this early in the day - just projecting to after 5:00!


Katie, are you already thinking about drinking? I KNEW I shouldn't have posted this puzzle so early in the day! ;-)


The one with the purple flower on top looks just right for a marguerita!