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New Street, Leominster, Herefordshire. Photo by Dave Croker

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I've got an automatic car and my husband's got a manual van so I know what you mean about the wipers and cleaning windows.
Maybe one day you will come over here again, there is so much to see in a small space compared to America...Sue


I've driven on the left in St. Vincent, Jamaica, Ireland, and England, and even in a US territory: St. Thomas (I'm not sure I understand why the US Virgin Islands drive on the left while the US territory of Puerto Rico nearly next door drives on the right). Its no real problem (even shifting a manual), except I always confuse the directional signals with the windshield wiper, and I am always cleaning the window while waiting to turn :) I did a lot of business travel before retiring, and I miss getting over to England: I haven't done anywhere enough sightseeing there. - kevin


I'm glad these pictures brought back memories of a good trip to these shores. How did you get on driving on the opposite side of the road...Sue


I seem to recall that the main road through town was set up as a big round-about of one-way streets, with lots of parking (except on parade days, of course). It made it very convenient to get to any of the stores in town. Thanks again, Sue.


Thanks Joyce. I'm sure I've been here, my other half's not so sure. We been to many towns and villages in this part of the country anyway this is a nice looking street and nice architecture...Sue


Beautiful street!! The buildings are really wonderful. Many thanks Sue!! :)))
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